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[DEXCON 13] Indie Games Explosion

Started by Michael S. Miller, May 20, 2010, 03:54:46 PM

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Michael S. Miller

Dexcon 13 is approaching. It's going to be held in July. From Wednesday night, July 7th to Sunday afternoon, July 11th. The convention is going to be in Morristown New Jersey, at the Hyatt.

We would really love for you to be part of the Explosion this year. If you'd like to run events, we need your information by June 1, if at all possible.

Over the last two years we've been handling the event submissions on the Indie Games Explosion Wiki. But this past Dreamation, some events did not upload when they should have and we nearly lost events. For that reason, and because the Wiki has been hacked in the past, we're using Google Docs to handle submissions this time. We'll see if this works better.

If you want to run games, we need you to send an e-mail to this address.

Tell us how many games you want to run. Kat will then send you an email link to your own Google document, one document per event you wish to run. Then just fill out the linked document with all the usual stuff: title of game, blurb, etc.

Aside from yourself, Kat and I will be the only ones who can access this document. You will not need to make a Google account to use the document. All you'll need to do is follow the link and fill out the document. As soon as you do, we'll update the IGE Event Chart with your games.

Do not worry about a minimum of events or running the same event a minimum number of times. Those restrictions were repealed. Just plan on running what you are going to have the most fun with.

We're looking forward to having fun at DEXCON, hope to see you there!
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