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Author Topic: Seeking SERIOUS playtesters for Psych-Horror Game  (Read 2619 times)

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« on: August 24, 2002, 11:55:18 PM »

Politically Incorrect Games (www.pigames.net) is in search of playtesters for an upcoming release titled "Novus Paradigma." If you're not willing or not able to provide feedback within a reasonable time frame then don't apply.

The game centers around the fears and beliefs of each character.  Enter a situation and each character may see something different. For example:

"As the group walks past a dark ally, they hear blood curdling screams.

Running to investigate, Jon, who was raised by Jesuits, witnesses a man dressed in a black robe pull a knife from a woman. The robe's hood slips down the back of his head to reveal two horns.

Meanwhile, Carolyn, who studies the occult and is a member of greenpeace, struggles to approach. Uneasy, she begins to feel sick. As she focuses on the woman's body, a strange light begins to radiate from its chest. The light brightens and rises in the sky. It hovers over the woman's body for a few seconds and then quickly shoots up to the heavens. Realizing that a life has just been lost, Carolyn faints."

This is just an example of how each person experiences a reality based on their own belief structure.

Interested parties can send inquires to info@pigames.net

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