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Mechanics for U.S.A.

Started by RPunkG, October 12, 2002, 01:35:10 PM

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Exploration will be based mainly around maps and GM creativity,  but to get back to my "goal" here are some exploration rules

Traditional mapworking = Target 6

clearly defined roads or train tracks = +1d6
thick, repetitious jungle  = -1d6

Maps sell on a scale cased on frequency of travel or previous ignorance of the land, along with detail.  Where a black and white map of the outskirts of a city would fetch maybe an ounce of oil, a color detailed map of the Land of Cannibals would go for a fortune.  (However, they would expect authenticity.)

Maps are a huge commodity, without them travel by animal or on foot is impossible.

This is all accomplished with the cartography skill.

Paper costs 1 copper.
Black ink costs 1 silver per oz.
Colored inks cost 1 gold per oz.

Politics are also roleplayed out between the Gm and the players.  Political skills can either be rolled, or the GM can play NPCs according to how they might react to such a skilled character.

Economy works like such:
10 copper = 1 silver  (know where this is going?)
10 silver = 1 gold
1 gold = 1 quart of oil
10 gold = 1 green gold (a newly discovered precious metal)

All coins are minted in the Nation of Oil Co and represent a certain amount of oil.
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