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flyeraid at Dragonfire 2001

Started by kwill, July 29, 2001, 03:21:00 AM

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inspired directly from Nathan and taking Ron's option #1...

if anyone would like to email me electronic format flyers I would be happy to distribute them to gamers and display them at Dragonfire 2001, no charge

who knows... if someone actually buys something we might write a module next year and come asking for prize sponsorship :grin:

PDF is easiest, but I can probably handle other formats (gifs, jpegs etc should be 300 dpi)

mail me at (or if that bounces)

updated Dragonfire details will be up later this week at

(I think a one page "company" ad with multitudinous details would be preferable to many product ads)



just a reminder for people not too busy worrying about GenCon US -- as long as you mail me on or before Friday August 10 (PDF, DOC, etc) I'll be able to get a few flyers printed out to distribute for ya (whether it be for a particular game, company or website)