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Author Topic: Can we intelligently discuss d20?  (Read 4836 times)
Eric J.

Posts: 396

« Reply #15 on: December 04, 2002, 11:01:07 PM »

What do I think? Well since I asked:

D20 is one of the most visible changes in the path that RPGaming has taken in the history of its existance.  I don't know if it can be handled in a single thread, but if Ron says that it's okay, it's fine with me.

D20 is simple.  It's really simple.  I mean, if you don't abuse the simplicity it is REALLLY simple.  This allows for quick play and contibutes to goal driven play.

D20 is not the ultimate RPG system.  It isn't, and if you say that it is, you haven't played it or are using a different definition.  It's simplicity and rules heavy style can be a curse for many settings, or premises.

Summary?:  Excellent for D&D, sucks for much they try to market it for?

Is that entirellley accurate?  No.  Is it a very brief summary of my opinion?  Yes.
Jeremy Cole

Posts: 133

« Reply #16 on: December 05, 2002, 04:53:12 AM »

Maybe the best way to discuss D20 is to detail all of its most noticeable elements, what makes it D20.

Hit points
Character classes
Xp mostly for killing things
Spell lists
Miniature based combat
Combat based on player skill, largely team oriented

Now I'll be the first to admit that I haven't played much D20, 1 campaign of classic D20 that bored me stupid, and I haven't read any of the D20 or D&D books.  As such, this list is probably missing something, or including something it shouldn't.

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Eric J.

Posts: 396

« Reply #17 on: December 05, 2002, 09:03:33 PM »

Personally, I think that Spell List is a bit too D&D oriented, and not centeral to the concept, but overall that list is pretty accurate.
Evan Waters

Posts: 40

« Reply #18 on: December 06, 2002, 11:06:09 AM »

Huge D20 fan here. I think D&D3e's one of the best games on the market, and it's easily my system of choice for most fantasy campaigns. (I've generally held off on buying new fantasy games since getting it, unless they're as radically different as something like ARS MAGICA or EXALTED.)

The d20 system is one I like for a lot of reasons. It's simpler than the length of its rulebooks would make you think; so many of the rules are for reference if you want to know how something affects a situation, not so much how to do something. If you want to know how the fog on the Forbidden Swamp affects combat, you can look up cover and concealment effects; if you don't, it won't hurt the functioning of the game any.

The d20 system in general I think is best for high-adventure, action heavy settings- "cinematic" games, if you understand what I mean by that. I like how it's used in STAR WARS quite a bit, and material in that vein tends to work. That said I'm also interested in the somewhat more radical adaptations (d20 CALL OF CTHULHU, d20 THE END, etc.) simply because they make nice acid tests for the system.

Its effect on the industry- I'd say an overall good so far, primarily because 3rd Edition apparently got some new blood into the hobby (or at least lured back some who'd drifted away.) The whole OGL thing is currently useful for other companies as a revenue source; fortunately I think everyone is at least somewhat aware of it being a bubble, and of the fact that they shouldn't bet the farm on it. (I draw this conclusion because that possibility seems to come up in every single d20 discussion I've seen on any message boards- I haven't seen anyone saying "we could print a million d20 modules and they'd all sell out!") I don't see d20 ever really forcing other systems out of the market- not even Microsoft has managed that, and they've got much more leverage. Game systems are different from OSes and video formats, because there's more willingness to diversify on the part of the customer.

There are some potential drawbacks to d20's dominant position, but I don't see things getting too bad just yet.
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