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The Forge as a community (Thread #5 of 5)

Started by Ron Edwards, December 02, 2002, 08:29:27 PM

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Quote from: RichI'm using the term "genre" as it's used in linguistics, which is, in very broad strokes, something like "format/organizational scheme." It isn't topic or topic area.  Again, you couldn't have known that because I didn't really explain it clearly.

Ah, so what you mean by genre is something I included in behavior modification. You're rewarded (i.e. communicate more effectively) if you do things "the way things are done around here."  

It's good to see what you're driving at.  It seems that you're ultimately looking for the techniques for maintaining the current high level of discourse here, possibly with the ability to replicate it.
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Emily Care

Quote from: IThe group will die/end if that pool becomes depleted. The group will die/change if the core gets depleted or obliterated. The group will live/evolve as the core remains strong--and this membership will change over time as well--and the potential pool is large and continually being added to.

Well, I check out the posting stats from the bottom up, out of curiousity to see what the "pools" are like here. Can't tell how recently folks have posted so it won't discern current trends, and is possibly completely useless!!!?! but nifty so I figured I'd share:

# posts-># people

Looks like around 1/3 joined and never posted. 1/3 wrote the majority of the posts. I suspect most lurkers are in the middle 1/3, having posted 1-9 times.  I hate that term:lurker. Silent witness is too florid but just as apt. The potential pool of posters.  

Top 5 and 17, you busy guys. Thanks for all the hard work.

--Emily Care
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Emily Care

Quote from: MK SnyderI use the term "studio audience".

At open mic night.
Koti ei ole koti ilman saunaa.

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