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Here's a thought

Started by Ben Morgan, August 15, 2001, 08:50:00 PM

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Ben Morgan

A while ago, someone published a funny little game called Orks (I can't remember who, someone out there will know what I'm talking about). Then John Wick comes out with Orkworld.

One of the contenders for Next Big Thing from John is Elfworld. And of course, Ron Edwards came up with Elfs.

With at least two offhanded mentions of a Dwarfworld on the way, I think someone needs desperately to publish a game called Dwarfs (possibly revolvng around mining and singing and rescuing pretty young brunettes lost in the forest) to continue the wonderful synchronicity of it all.

Steven Spielburg had a chance to sustain a trend like this in the early '90s. First Jurassic Park came out, then The Flintstones came out the next year. He did Schindler's List, so what was the next logical step? Hogan's Heroes, of course. It might have worked with Raul Julia as Col. Klink and John Candy as Sergeant Schultz, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Later, all...

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Gordon C. Landis

Jeez, now I'm trying to think who'll play Hogan, Lebeau (?) and the rest of 'em.  Thanks a lot :wink:

Now, I'd be more "on topic" if I was thinking about those singin', minin', brunette-rescuin' (-4 to rescue blondes, -6 vs. redheads) dwarves . . .

Gordon C. Landis (under construction)


Pointing out that John's been messing with Ork-related stuff for ages (how long did he have that Orkboss@ somewhere email addy?), or than Chris Pramas' Ork came out at the same GenCon as Orkworld...or that Elfworld is based on material in Orkworld, and has about as much to do with Ron's elfs as, oh, Stuper Powers has to do with Aberrant....should be unneccessary.