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Author Topic: Lots of work, lots of skills needed  (Read 1489 times)

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« on: January 28, 2003, 05:07:07 AM »

I have already posted this one in the indie game design forum but guess I need to announce this one also over here:
I want to create a new rpg, possibly with some limited commercial value.
First I want to make a setting book describing the world to a point ideal for the introduction of scenarios.
These scenarios could be played by a number of players, each one by its rules but will have a logic conection between them.
Their gaming feeling to the players will be that of strategy invocation but there always be the truth of the atmosphere of the story.
Being more specific the dealing will be with two types of modules:
1st type of module:
The experience for each player will depend on how many players participate in the scenario: score of things is pre-written, so playing stands in the sharing of the roles. So the only thing that will change will be the descriptions that each role aquires. (This actually will be more of an game narration than a strategy game)

2nd type of module:
There can be various options of endings in the module depending on the score each role achieves, this meaning that the final will be the result of a matching distribution of each role's scoring. Each ending option will corrispond to a diffrent era of the world.
Each of these eras could have a description as a 1st type module.
Meaning that the two types of modules can be also intergrated.

I could also use the approach of different or parallel universes but I am not sure if I like the taste of it or if it will be easy to conect a scenario product line this way: practically and reasonably(maybe something like "The One" of jet li)
What do you think of this?

Considering the world I have many ideas of what I want and what I don't, also concerning the rules about it. The fact is that I am only one by the time and it's a bit difficult to put it all together by my only forces. I have already applied for some help elsewhere and I am waiting. As soon as you are positive I could get you informed on my aspects about this work.
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