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Wanted: octaNe reps

Started by Jared A. Sorensen, January 29, 2003, 04:34:13 PM

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Jared A. Sorensen

Man, I've been quiet lately.


Okay, so I've gotten in contact with a few stores across New England and they're all very interested in the print version of octaNe. All that's left is to get some copies printed and get those copies to the stores.

But as cool as those stores are, I'm looking to expand to other markets, so to speak (ahem). This is where y'all come in.

Tell your local game/book/music/clothing/funky store to carry octaNe! Tell them that the kids, they NEED the octaNe. They gotta gotta play the octaNe...

Make a deal, spin the wheel (ie: hook me up with a store that buys five or more copies and you get a copy at wholesale prices).

- J
jared a. sorensen /


Great Idea J.  
I submit that as various folks find outlets (game retailers or other) which are open and interested in carrying indie games that somehow they get collected in a database with contact info as an indie resource...


What are the terms?

Price to retailer?
Is there a specially produced cover? (Cardstock, Softcover, B&W interior,Colr cover, etc.)

(Yes, I run and order for a game store...)

Lou Goncey
Store Manager
Gamer's Realm -- Cinnaminson, NJ

Jared A. Sorensen

MSRP is $20
Price to retailer is $10
The book is softcover with a cardstock cover and a color design on the front. Interior is B&W. I will probably use a coil binding again or switch to a perfect binding.

Go here to see the interior/exterior:
jared a. sorensen /


Thanks for the quick response,

Matt Machell

Sounds like a cool plan.

I'll badger my FLGS owner to order some.