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Cannibal Hillbilly

Started by Colin Chapman, February 26, 2003, 01:37:34 AM

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Colin Chapman

You knew it had to happen...

Role: Cannibal Hillbilly
Profile: You were raised to be a proud member of your family, respecting your Ma and Pa, and always being polite enough to have other folks over for dinner... Outsiders drop by now and then, helping to keep the larder stocked, but when pickings are lean you need to go out hunting.
Stamping Grounds: The Wastelands
Quote: "Squeal, piggy!"
Mode: Grindhouse, and only Grindhouse...
Gear: Meat cleaver, pig knuckle (double-barreled shotgun), banjo, bottle of moonshine
Styles:Daring, Craft
Skills: Blast away with a pig knuckle, hack madly with a cleaver, look demented and creepy, play the banjo wildly.