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Author Topic: Not the big announcement(s), but....  (Read 3537 times)
Michael Hopcroft

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« on: March 26, 2003, 09:35:34 PM »

A pretty major announcement nontheless.

Seraphim Guard has been facing two problems with HeartQuest: getting the D20 version as perfect as we can make it and the fact that we needed to do some serious corrections to the FUDGE version. The collaboration with Battlefield Press has brought things into focus, and a change in printing plans has only sharpened that.

So, here I am announcing HeartQuest Second Edition, a Dual-System RPG due out in Jume through RPGNow. This will not only contain all the material you need to play shoujo games using the D20 System, but it will also revise, expand and clean up the essential portions of the FUDGE game. Both versions will be available in the same volume, and all the character abilities will be rated for both systems. It will be completely compatible with all D20 System games and with FUDGE, and will require D20 Modern and/or the FUDGE rules to play.

In addition, the new book will include FIVE campaign settings completely compatible with both systems, including two entirely new settings.

We have a plan. It is not set in stone yet, but we are planning to take our preorders not for books )which will be purchased by Print-On-Demand through RPGnow) or PDFs (which I undderstand would interfere with RPGNow's bottom line) but for CD-RONMs of the complete rulebook. Jonathan has offered to make them, and MY idea is to have each CD order come with a coupon code for a $5 discount off the POD release. This would be in the form of a coupon code that can be redeemed at RPGnow with your order. What do you people think?

We're also looking for other ways to support the game and encourage people to buy it, and suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to message me at any time.

I wanted to give you all a look at the cover, but I couldn't figure out the interface.


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