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Roleplaying Stigma

Started by Brian Leybourne, April 04, 2003, 06:05:29 PM

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Brian Leybourne

QuoteHmm, I hadn't considered that, but you're totally right. It took me a long time to feel comfortable and confident about telling other people that I roleplay.

Stripped this out of another thread.

I'm just curious on other people's takes on this. Do you feel comfortable telling friends and work colleagues that you roleplay?

I'm not ashamed of being a roleplayer really, but I do usually avoid talking about it with folk at work or people I don't know well, and I usually wont (for example) read a RPG book at work, especially if its one where there are fantasy pictures on most pages that others will see over my shoulder.

I guess it's just fear of that "you play roleplaying games? Yeah, I did that when I was twelve" reaction.

What are other peoples experiences/opinions?

Brian Leybourne

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Clinton R. Nixon

In a word, no.

Strangely, almost every person at my current job is a gamer. Now, a lot of them have only heard of D&D and Vampire, and are getting their minds expanded with a fucking crowbar.

But, no, not embarrassed.
Clinton R. Nixon
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Ron Edwards

Hi Brian,

Looks like you weren't here for the Social Context discussion. Check it out in RPG Theory, in the thread by that name.

Really, it's pretty important.