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Author Topic: Technocon Guest list update  (Read 3798 times)
Michael Hopcroft

Posts: 511

« on: May 01, 2003, 09:32:07 PM »

Here is an update of the currest guest list for Technocon 2003 (August 15th-17th 2003, online convention):

Guests of Honor: S. John Ross (Risus: the Anything rpg, Uresia: Grave of Heaven), Mark Arsenault (Action! System)

Other Guests: Jonathan M. Thompson (Battlefield press), Cynthia Celeste Miller (Cartoon Action Hour!), Scott Lynch (Deeds, not Words).

If you, as a publisher or author, want to be a guest at technocon, contact me. All you have to do is be aviailable to give chat panels or run games during that weekend, and you can always cancel if prior commitments come up.

Michael Hopcroft Press: Where you go when you want something unique!
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