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Author Topic: New Setting for a game  (Read 1997 times)

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« on: May 03, 2003, 11:21:07 PM »

Hi everyone.  I recently created a character based on this idea for a new game and I wanted to know what everyone thinks.  Basically, the battles between Heaven and Hell run across multiple levels, a series of worlds running up and down.  Those worlds closest to Heaven are more holy, more good, etc.  Those that go farther down are more demonic, darker, etc.  Earth occupies the middle, and both sides have promised not to attack Earth, as it is the signiature place, if it is disrupted, the universe may explode. So, the world that the game takes place on is a few degrees South of Earth, and dominated by evil.  But not with Demons running all over the place, just a place where stories of angels and Heavenly beings have never been heard.  Ruling most of this world is an evil empire rulled by an equally evil noble family.  Demons and monsters do exist in this world, but they are not battled against by those in power, but instead are embraced or controlled, only destroyed when they get out of hand.  However, the forces of Good, who almost never battle directly, are attempting a new offensive, trying to retake Viridian.

The Characters so far are:
Drake Shadowsteel
Tagline:  A renegade prince of an evil dynasty out to right the wrongs of his world.
Background:  Slowly discovered the evils of his family and world when a peasant friend's family was killed, and his friend was enslaved.  Swore to right the wrongs his family had done, and stole the ancestral sword and a powerful shield artifact, as well as his personal steed.
Name:  Blade of Ages
Descrip: Ancestral Demon Blade
Powers: Powerful sword, fires blasts of hellfire.  It's use activates the transformation of Drake's horse into Demonsteed form.
Name:  Shield of Souls
Descrip:  Ancient shield of angelic power from the last time Viridian was under the control of Heaven.
Powers:  Protection and healing.
Animal Companion:
Powers:  Transforms into a demonsteed with firebreath, or an angelsteed with wings and super-movement.

Faith Starr
Description forthcoming.

So, what does everyone think?
Cynthia Celeste Miller

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« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2003, 01:57:58 PM »

Nice material.  Dark as heck, but I'd play (or run) it in a New York second.  Plus, the name "Viridian" is just too damn sweet for words!

Cynthia Celeste Miller
President, Spectrum Games

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« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2003, 09:56:02 PM »

Thanks Cynthia.  I appreciate your help on both posts.  I love the idea of a game designer/creator actually being involved in the discussions of a game.  The game is a little less dark than it probably sounds like.  The world isn't dominated by demons or anything, it's just a little more repressive and dark than Earth.  Think of what She-Ra would have been like had it had less comedy.  The bad-guys already run things, so it's up to the good guys to win back the world.  In fact, I already have ideas for the "Movie" ready.  And, because I am have an ego, and like to have people tell me I have good ideas, I'll tell everyone about the basis of the show.

First story-arc:
Drake, young prince of a corrupt and oppressive dynasty, has been raised to follow in the footsteps of his father and elder brothers as a tyrant and warrior.  However, Drake has an old friend (name forthcoming) whom disappeared many years ago.  While out with his retainers, Drake again encounters this friend, now a fugitive, half-crazed, who attempts to kill Drake on sight.  The man is subdued and captured, then thrown into the family dungeons.  Drake is advised not to see him, but, unable to see why his old friend would wish him ill, sneaks in, and speaks to the man.
The young man tells a story of how his family was killed in front of his eyes by soldiers followign the orders of Drakes family for having rebel sympathies.  He escaped, but blamed his old friend for the deaths of his family.  Since then, he's been on the run is alive only because of his rebel friends.  Hearing this story, Drake decides to investigate, and pleads with his father to not execute the young man, but instead to allow Drake to take custody of him.  His father refuses, and Drake, during the celebration surrounding the execution, sneaks into the family home, pledging to avenge his friend and his friend's family, steals the ancestral sword.  During his escape from his home, he ends up being disarmed, and grabs the nearest object, an ancient enemy's shield hanging on the wall.  Using this, he retrieves his sword, and escapes on his personal steed, runnning, wounded, only to pass out at the humble home of an elderly man and his daughter.

Second Story Arc:
Drake awakens to the face of a beautiful young woman nursing him back to health.  The young woman and her father must save him by hiding him from the soldiers looking for him.  He attempts to hide his identity from them, but it becomes obvious that they already know him, perhaps better than he knows himself.  Eventually, just before they are caught, Drake sees the old man do "something" and they become invisible.  Once the danger is over, Drake asks how the man was able to do that.  In return, he is treated with the _true_ history of his world.  He learns of a series of ancient beings, known as the Angel.  They once controlled this world, as the Daeman now do.  These Angel were holy creatures, kind and gentle, who wanted nothing more than to comfort and help the people.  And his family is descended from these Angel.  He is however, dying, and he wants his daughter to travel along with him in order to lead him along the right path with his power.  As of this point, Drake is unaware of any abilities he has.  At this point, before Drake can ask, Faith runs in, saying that the soldiers have found them.  Faith's father tells them to run, and he begins a battle between himself and Drake's brother, who has been tracking them.  Faith's father falls during the battle, and Drake forces her to flee with him.

After that point, I don't have much.  I do however know that I eventually want Faith to gain the ability to tranform INTO an Angel for a short time.  HOwever, this is very tiring to her, and she can only do so briefly.  Also, I want Drake's ability to be that he is completely human.  He is invulnerable to being directly affected by either Angel or Demon.  Physical attacks do normal damage to him (maybe only half), but magical attacks do no damage, etc.  However, normal magics do full affect to him.

Just thought I'd explain the ideas I have.  Next time:  THE MOVIE!!!
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