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Iron Game Chef - Simulationist!

Started by Mike Holmes, May 08, 2003, 08:09:57 PM

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Mike Holmes

Quote from: ChairmanTwo more worthy contestants! But when will the cooking begin?!? Already half a day is gone! Surely we should have some hints by now of what's to come!
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Shreyas Sampat

Let the cookery begin.
Quote from: Te AnauMy people are starving, and the island is angry.  The fish are schooling outside Tuamotu, where we cannot hunt them - they rot before we can bring them to shore.  We must have new lands, new foods, new gods.  We must have WAR.


My ingredients are coming in by the truckload, the emporer shall surely enjoy this appetizer to a sumptuous feast.

QuoteAn Introduction

"Welcome the the Celestial Institue of the Mentally Ill.  Here at the Institute we find compassionate ways to cure the sick, the disturbed, the ill, and the depressed.  At times extreme measures are necessary to restrain some of our more unruly guests, but the utmost care is taken in maintaining good health and proper hygiene.  I'm sorry to hear that your relative must stay a time with us, but rest assured that they will be returned to you much like you remember them before this terrible illness infested them.  Feel free to check back often to found out how they are progressing in their recovery."

The cinder block walls were painted white at one time, but the stains along them have all but eliminated the purity they once held.  The stains, the stains, are messages, but what do they say, and more importantly what are the stains of.

You room has a matress in a metal frame, padded walls and a concrete floor.  There is a hole in the floor for your bathroom, there is a hole in the door. (Scratched in the wood are the words "feedin' time".)

"This is your room, make yourself comfortable, You'll meet everyone in the morning."

happily wearing the hat of the fool.


So it's hints you want, judge-san?  Sure, I'll throw you all a bone:

Prepare your palates, all, for a culinary masterpiece, entitled...

Blood Songs of the Volcanic Sphere

Do I get bonus points for having all four words in the title of the game?

Mike Holmes

Quote from: ethan_greerDo I get bonus points for having all four words in the title of the game?
From Jonathan, yes. From me...maybe...we'll see if they make any sense in the context of the actual game. If it turns out to be a game about growing turnips, for example, then no.

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Jared A. Sorensen

I did the majority of mine last night. It's called "Tooth & Claw."

jared a. sorensen /

Jonathan Walton

Quote from: what Homer neverWay, way back... back before the world took on it's present spherical shape, back when the world was really flat... there were heroes.  Not the kind that wear spandex and capes, of course, but real heroes, those blessed with the blood of Gods flowing in their veins.  Looking up at volcanic Olympus, they could not help but reach for the greatness that their divine parents and protectors demanded of them.  They could not help but do great deeds.

So when Jason put out the call, they responded.  Coming from every corner of the ancient world, they responded to the song of summons, joining together in a brotherhood that would be fabled throughout history.  Not even the Trojan War, many years later, could rival the throng of heroes assembled aboard Jason's ship.  They were unstoppable, relentless, and unmatched in their desire for women and good eatings.  They were... the Argonauts.


Damn you, Mike Holmes! {hrm...that's starting to become my catch-phrase} I'm in, though I should be concentrating on Orx. Ah well, this might help the creative writing juices flow even more.

Here's the ingredients:
Ancient gods
Songs of power
Rites of blood

Think of the Finnish mythoi, where singing is magic, toss in some bloody Aztec rituals and all sorts of blood=power myths, divine patronage and ancient bloodlines, and top it off as a dish best served as Setting Exploration.

Will there be a volcano? Heck, who knows!
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Mike Holmes

Quote from: The chairmanTwo provocativly tasty teasers, and one new contestant who damns my name but enters the competition with fire! This is shaping up to be quite the fight! But, as last time, who will follow through, and who will burn up in the kitchen?

We shall see!
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Ok after brooding like a sour puss for sometime I decided I needed to come back and do this... I am in...

Edit: Songs of Distant Spheres



Quote from: Every Age Gets The Heros It Deserves

We were not alone.  They came from out of our Nightmares to conquer - to dominate.  We engineered out triumph - but at what cost.  The Children of Vulcan's Forge drove back the invaders and in the process laid waste to our planet.  We fought against our saviors - fearful of their power - and they were driven back.  We were driven underground - patiently waiting for the Ultimate Winter to end.

A thousand generations later, and the remnants of humanity are just clawing out of the rubble and building a new civilization upon the hardscrabble ruins of the old.  We are not alone...

Vulcan's Forge - A Post Apocolyptic Game of Dark Heroism.
"Oh, it's you...

Mike Holmes

Quote from: The chairmanTwo more entrants! One quiet and sullen, and the other with the boldest statement yet! The bar is set high already for this comeptition's gaming dishes both in terms of number of competing game chefs and the quality of the dishes being prepared!
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Quote from: Jared A. SorensenI did the majority of mine last night. It's called "Tooth & Claw."


Well its about freaking time...

Jonathan Walton

You better watch it Jason-san.  Two can play that game!

How would you like a draft of my character sheet?  We keep it on tap, just for chefs like you!  Ya!

(Exams?  What exams?  This is more fun!)

Yes, that's right.  Ponder the ramifications of this...  Ponder a group-wide character sheet... Ponder the possibility for 1-on-1 play... Ponder traits that represent individual characters...  Ponder the Sphere of the Journey and episodic/microfic play...  And, worst of all, ponder what's going to go in that big empty box...  Bwa ha ha...