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Jurassic Deliverance - Squeam3

Started by AmazingJake, May 14, 2003, 07:19:17 PM

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Jurassic Deliverance

A group of teenagers take a class canoeing trip down the Southern Muskogee River, which is heavily wooded and the object of much speculation. Dinosaurs from a nearby genetics laboratory break free and attack. The class consists of the PC's and 25 other classmates, plus one teacher, Mr. Hapberry, and the canoeing guide, an indian named Robert Swims-With-River.

Setting: Southern Muskogee River spring time
Ah, the river. The water is cold and clear, the fish are biting, and the heavily wooded banks make for great make-out spots. The entire river forms a 3 mile long S-shape before filling into Lake Muskogee, where there is plenty of marinas, boat docks, etc, to meet the characters needs as to being safe. Seven cabins dot the sides of the river on the way down, some inhabited, some ranger stations, some covert research cabins. Roll d10 on the table below to figure out what each cabin contains. Halfway between the mountains (where the river flows from) and the lake, there is a campsite, fire burning and everything, containing the bodies of 2 dead campers, eviscerated by dinosaurs. There's food, water, limited shelter, a fire, and as far as weapons go, two jumbo cans of bear repellent that will frighten away a dinosaur but not kill them if the character chooses to actually get close enough to spray it at them. There is also 2 watch-towers in the forest, each outfitted with high-tech tracking equipment to keep track of the dinos, and each one contains 2 Mossberg M-500 cruisers with 8 shells each, and one tranquilizer gun with three shots. The only weapons brought on the actual canoes are maybe the oars.

Cabin Table:
0 - Empty cabin
9 - Research station. Contains 1 tranquilizer gun with 3 shots, and 1 Mossberg M-500 with 8 shots.
8 - Tourist cabin, contains food and water, as well as a Colt M911 .45 Caliber pistol with 12 shots.
7 - Survivalist. Outside of the cabin looks dirty, barricaded, with several "No Trespassing, I mean it!" signs by the river. Will fire a .30-06 rifle at the teenagers if they pass the cabin too close. If they decide to go towards the cabin, he will come outside with his hunting rifle, fire a few shots, and then trigger the appearance of 2 raptors, which will eat him and attack the party. When dead, he drops his rifle, which contains one bullet in the chamber and an almost empty box containing 6 more bullets
6 - Research station. Contains the body of a dead researcher and d10 compy's. No weapons except an empty Mossberg
5 - Tourist Cabin, contains food and water, as well as a raptor upstairs.
4 - Research station, guarded by three pteryodactyls which perch high in the trees, unseen. If there is more than 3 people on land within their sight, they will attack and attempt to carry them away. There is a 50% chance that if there is three or more people, they will see them
3 - Empty cabin, except for a dead body with "IT WAS PRIMATECH" scrawled in blood on a piece of paper and a double-barrel shotgun with a box of 10 rounds.
2 - Survivalist, who will fire upon the party with a crossbow. If they decide to embark upon the property, which has no distinguishing markings, he will run outside with a pistol, triggering the appearance of a T-Rex which will eat him and attack the party. The survivalist drops his crossbow and pistol, the pistol has 7 rounds in it, the crossbow comes with 6 bolts attatched to the sides
1 - Tourist cabin, contains food, water and a hunting crossbow

Mr. Hapberry
The ecology teacher that organized the canoeing trip. Tends to be fanatical about nature, if he is still alive when the PC's acquire some sort of weapon, he will be adamant about not using them on those "beautiful creatures" and eventually die because he thinks he can pet a T-Rex.

Robert Swims-With-River
An expert on the river. Knows thousands of legends, stories, and anecdotes relating to the river, and has lived on it his entire life. When the dinosaurs attack, he won't hesitate to defend himself, except against the herbivores, who he won't bother. But what he will do is strip down to a loincloth and put on some facepaint, and occasionally pull the PC's out of trouble. He will, however, die, when he attempts to spear a dinosaur or something.

Anytime a surprise dinosaur encounter happens, d10/2 NPC classmates will uncontrollably freak out. They'll either run around aimlessly and get eated, or sit still and cower like fools, then get eaten. If a character has a gun, there's a 30% chance that they will be in front of it when it goes off, and if they run off while in the woods, they become lost and eaten.

Mossberg M-500 Cruiser
Colt Army M911 .45
Hunting Crossbow (comes with 6 bolts)
Double barrel shotgun
.30-06 Remington hunting rifle
Tranquilizer gun w/ darts
Bear Repellent, when used, has a 20% chance of blowing back on the party and causing uncontrollable eye irritation


Small, bright green scavengers who will attack in groups greater than three. If the group is less than 3, they will scatter and run away. More of a nuisance than anything. Will not attack other dinosaurs.
Damage takeable:
1 shotgun shell
2 .45 bullets
1 crossbow bolt
1 .30-06 bullet
1 dart will kill them

The scourge of the adventure, topped only by the T-Rex in terms of fierceness. Usually attack in groups of 2, but will attack alone given the element of surprise. Very smart, very sneaky, and very mean. Will only attack the T-Rex if there is 2 or more, otherwise they run away.
Damage takeable:
3 Shotgun shells
3 Crossbow bolts
6 .45 bullets
2 .30-06 bullets
2 Darts will tranquilize them, 3 will kill them

There is a 40% chance that one of these will be perched in a look-out tower. They're big, winged, and mean. Will attempt to surprise attack the party if they spot them, and will carry people away.
They also have a 10% chance of picking someone, which they will inevitably drop dramatically, giving them a 50/50 chance of either surviving with wounds or being killed. Will not attack other dinosaurs, and will not attack when other dinosaurs are around.
Damage Takeable:
2 Shotgun shells
4 .45 bullets
3 crossbow bolts
2 .30-06 bullets, which are -1 to hit them
2 Tranquilizer darts will sedate them, 3 will kill them

The Big Daddy of them all. Stands about 15 feet tall, big pointy teeth, and huge stomping feet. Has a 30% chance of running in and attacking any raptors outside in the event the characters are attacked by them.
Damage takeable:
8 Shotgun shells
4 .30-06 bullets
20 .45 bullets
12 Crossbow bolts
5 darts will put him to sleep, 7 will kill him

Herbivore pacifist of the dinosaurs. Won't attack the characters unless attacked first, and will run away if attacked by a carnivore such as the T-Rex. Will probably be the first dino the characters see
Damage takeable:
4 Shotgun shells
10 .45 bullets
2 .30-06 bullets
5 Crossbow bolts
3 darts will put them to sleep, 5 will kill them

Dino Encounter roll:
0 - T-Rex
9 - 3 Raptors
8 - 2 Pterodactyls
7 - d10 Compies
6 - d10/2 Triceratops
5 - 1 Raptor
4 - 2 Pterodactyls
3 - d10/2 Triceratops
2 - d10 Compies
1 - T-Rex