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Welcome to the Wheel

Started by Luke, May 31, 2003, 10:56:32 AM

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Hello and Welcome.

In case you didn't know, Burning Wheel is fantasy rpg system that I've developed over the past few years. I published it without warning or preamble on November 1, 2002. I am not an industry insider, or really even a big fan of rpgs at large for that matter. I love them, but my tastes are limited.

The game, like most other indie-rpgs, is a product of my needs as a GM. I like to run extended, involved and indepth campaigns where characters change over time and not just in the way they play, but so that change is reflected in the "numbers" as well.

you can do a fair bit of research on the game at the home site or, if you prefer a wilder range of views you can search for Burning Wheel on where you will find everything from good opinion, to drool, to outright (and embarrassing) flames.

The game in and of it self is meant to be as broad as possible within the fantasy genre. It does not have a theme or main thrust like many of the indie games out there (Sorcerer, Octane and Dust Devils come to mind). I guess it is my Rolemaster. (That's a joke! Ok, only sort of.) I tried very hard to make a versatile system that could be plugged into any fantasy setting and run reasonably well.  This has been an interesting experiment! I get a lot of flack for not having a setting. But personally, I just don't see the point in bogging down mechanics in a setting. When setting materials are released for the game they will be very specific and detailed.

The game itself is a d6 based, dice pool game. The pools usually run from 2 to 10 dice. Number of successes indicates pass/fail. Difficulty is set by the GM. Target Numbers for success are 95% fixed.  Characters are built using a lifepath system—points, specific skills and specific traits are gained on each path taken, total paths equals characters starting experience and age. Advancement is done via skill usage, not via a points system. Combat is scripted (each player writes out their actions before hand) and to hit/damage is factored on a single roll (possibly mitigated by an additional roll, but that's for another post). Many (many) people call the game rules-heavy. I don't really see it, but you be the judge.

I decided to start a forum here at the Forge for two reasons, first because I like the Forge and what it does; I want to participate. Second, because I am constantly developing the game and I have reached a few points where I feel like I am getting away from the Burning Wheel into something else.

Anyway, if you haven't checked out the game please do so. If you have...gimme your best shot! I can take it!

@ Burning Wheel HQ