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Author Topic: The Starchildren Origins Experiment  (Read 4698 times)
Rich Ranallo

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« on: June 10, 2003, 01:21:26 PM »

A fine, upstanding citizen of RPGnet recently pointed out to me that there aren't any scheduled Starchildren events at Origins, since Xig isn't going as a company (though Scott and I will, as will Elissa Carey, our only US-based freelancer).  GenCon's got plenty of events, but not everyone goes to GenCon.

So, I'm going to fix this.  I'm not running an "introductory" sales-pitch-disguised-as-an-event, but a game session with people who are at least passingly familiar with the game, or at least know what it's about.

I'm looking to run the game on Friday, June 27th at 2 PM, unless that turns out to be a time when no one can show up.  If you're interested, here's what to do: Write up a character and e-mail it to experimental@starchildren.co.uk.  I'll pick out the submisisons that would make for (in my opinion) the most interesting group and tailor the game to them, rather than shoehorning them into a pre-designed plot. So make sure that whatever character you submit has plenty of "hooks," but there isn't much need for a ten-page backstory.  There will be a degree of blind luck involved here, because even if you write up the coolest, most intricate, hardcore Blue Army shock-rocker, you probably won't be picked if every other submission I receive is for wishy-washy Velvet flower children.

Bear in mind that this is all entirely informal and unofficial, so some minor things are likely to change.  Since we've got only a little time before the con, I'll set a tentative deadline of next Wednesday for submissions, subject to extension if I don't get enough by then.

"Rock and Roll will be the new planetary culture, believe it or not."
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