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Special Abilities question

Started by urbwar, April 29, 2003, 05:10:29 AM

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Hi Knarf.

I think that generally, there should be a rule enforced that prevents one from purchasing additional SAs that give you SCPs _within_ a Special Ability that gives you a bunch of SCPs. (Very much to the effect of the rule in BESM, where you cannot buy an Attribute like "Magic Spells" and one of the applications of that in turn gives you "Magic Spells" or "OBM (Own A Big Mecha)".

Cindi? Eddy? -- I'd be interested in reading your respective reply to this.
Should all of a Vehicle's stats and SAs come off of the same point pool, including a Transformation that changes the vehicle a lot _and_ allows you to -- theoretically -- build things with even more points?

Cynthia Celeste Miller

First of all, I'd like to state that I've already started working on an article for After These Messages #2 that deals with these issues.  It features new rules for characters/vehicles in M.A.S.K.-like series.

In any case, here's what I'd do:

Players spend their CPs on a vehicle for their character, which gives them SCPs to work with.  These SPs are spent to create EVERY aspect of that vehicle, including further forms (via TSAs).  In other words, you can't spend CPs to get SCPs, then go spend those SCPs to get even more SCPs.

And, as a quick aside, I think the Callapsable Bonus will get plenty of use in a M.A.S.K.-like series.  Ya gotta love guns that pop in and out as circumstances permit.  :)
Cynthia Celeste Miller
President, Spectrum Games