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Started by Jason L Blair, February 09, 2003, 09:52:36 PM

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Eddy Fate

Quote from: Jason L BlairI realize you mentioned the cross-over in jest, but I still think it has potential. Who knows? I certainly wouldn't mind working on something with Gareth, that's for sure.

I think it would be damned cool, personally.
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You know for a long time I was only randomly excited by this game.  I'll get it, use it for a nasty supirse in a kult/sla game but I was never really sure I would ever play it on its own.  Then I realized something neat.  There are other sorts of music that have an interesting heratige behind it, one steeped in numerouse conflicts that would make for some very cool RPG fun.  Most specificly I was thinking of the Black Metal movement, the church burnings, the subsiquent worshipping of the older gods like thor and odin amongst its preformers.  I could make some very interesting things come out of this.  Creepy little gears are turning.
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