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Honor Among Thieves

Started by John Wick, October 02, 2001, 04:10:00 PM

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John Wick

On 2001-10-02 10:21, Ron Edwards wrote:
This is more about Honor Among Thieves, but here goes. John, have you read "God Stalk" by P.C. Hodgell? I think it's one of very few decent traditional-fantasy novels from the 80s. I didn't like it's sequel "Dark of the Moon" very much, but God Stalk is good stuff. The best "thieves guild" fiction since Leiber.

I've never heard of Hodgell. I'll check him out on your rec.

What do you think of the language? Can you follow it?

Take care,

Carpe Deum,

pointless point

These two books are available in a single volume for a reasonable price. IIRC, it is titled Dark of the gods.  My copy is on loan so I can't be absolutely certain.

I found the language to be a tad dense in spots.  I sometimes found it hard to visualize the situation described.  Overall it is quite good though.  Most of it seemed to flow well.

The central character is very interesting.  She is a member of an ancient warrior race with a strict code of honor.  She must adapt to the life of a thief without betraying this code.  She is also an avatar of sorts.  The deity this race worships has three aspects somewhat like the three central Hindu deities.  She is linked to the destructive third.  She also uses a dance-like combat and magical art.  It is somewhat reminiscent of Shiva from hinduism.  There is much more to the character.  It's too much to mention here and any more give away too many spoilers.

The main character, imo, makes what would otherwise be a pedestrian fantasy book into something worth reading.  

ps  I never really checked so this is specualtion.  From the way the story is written, I would guess P.C. Hodgell is a woman.

Ron Edwards


P.C. Hodgell is a woman.

Comments on language and slang will follow soon, but right now I'm in publishing frenzy.