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Author Topic: Convention Appearances for July-Dec 2003  (Read 2264 times)
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« on: July 16, 2003, 08:37:40 AM »

Gencon, July 25th to July 27th:
At the Forge Booth from Friday Morning To Sunday Afternoon. Booth 1841 on the Upperdeck side.

Indianapolis, In

Dragoncon, August 29th to September 1st:
Burning Wheel Walk-In Melee Demos. Saturday from 1-5.
Burning Wheel Demo Adventure: Von Goten's Predictament. Sunday from 1-5.

Atlanta, Ga

Ubercon, October 17th - 19th:
I'll be partnering with NERDNYC and sharing an exhibitor's booth with them. I'll be selling games and running melee demos from the booth. In addition:

On Saturday at Ubercon: Burning Wheel Walk-In Melee Demos 4-7pm
Burning Wheel Demo Adventure, Poisonous Ambition. 8pm to Midnight.

Secaucus, NJ (right across the river from Manhattan)

Lollagazebo/Wild Gazebo, November 7-9:
Burning Wheel Walk-In Melee Demos. Saturday 2-6pm
Burning Wheel Demo Adventure: Poisonous Ambition. Sunday from 2-6pm

Also, I am trying to get an exhibitor's table for Wild Gazebo. It would be shared between Thyrsus Games (FVLMINATA), Nerdnyc.com and Burning Wheel.

Wild Gazebo.com
Raritan, NJ

Philcon, December 12-14th:
I'll be partnering with the PAGE guys to run melee demos and demo adventures on Saturday and Sunday at Philcon. No games booked yet, though. (Hopefully, I'll even have a table!)

Philadelphia, PA

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