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An inspectrish conversation with GraveyardGreg

Started by Jürgen Mayer, July 18, 2003, 07:34:31 PM

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Jürgen Mayer

Just a snippet from a very funny chat with Greggy... I had to share this:

"DisasterMachine:   We have a new project lined up though - Jared's InSpectres
GraveyardGreg:   *weeps bitterly*
GraveyardGreg:   Curse you Memento-Mori!
GraveyardGreg:   I take it this will be in German?
DisasterMachine:   yes, but Jared will also release it in printed format
GraveyardGreg:   *cries bitterly*
GraveyardGreg:   Curse you, Memento-Mori!"
Jürgen Mayer
Disaster Machine Productions