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The Encyclopedia of Cartoon Superstars

Started by Norbert, July 20, 2003, 08:22:13 AM

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I am currently looking for a bunch of scholarly books on the history of animation and animators, especially for a tome called,

      by John Cawley and Jim Korkis

I do not know the publisher or the year of publication, and the book is not listed on the German branch of
Does anyone of you happen to know it, or own it?

Could you tell me whether it is recommendable, and where
I could get it? Is it still available in the States?

One of the two authors is a long-time expert on the history of Disney cartoons and theme parks, etc., so I assume the book is more about the characters by Disney, Warner Brothers' Looney Toons, Felix the Cat, and so on. I was wondering whether the book also contained sections on "action 'toons" (He-Man, Voltron, G.I. Joe, MASK, ...)?