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Calling all Villains...

Started by urbwar, July 21, 2003, 03:45:45 PM

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So as I am working on Blaze of Glory, I am finding myself a little stuck on creating villains. For the pilot episode, I am using an agent for the local Lex Luthor type mastermind in a suit of powered armor (using some of the sample SA's in the CAH rulebook).

I'm trying to compile a few villain ideas to use over the course of the series. I figure some villains won't have super powers, but I want to make some up now, so I can plot episodes around them. My only criteria is that said villains *do not* have cold or water based powers, since Blaze is vulnerable to them. I have ideas for such villains down the road, but don't want to introduce them right away.

So far, I have 2 original ideas, and 3 that I am going to adapt from other sourcebooks:

Kid Otaku from Freedom City (Mutants and Masterminds; one of my group has this book, and said this villain would fit perfectly. Maybe Cynthia can confirm?)

Yo-Yo: A villain from a champion supplement. Wore body armor, and used specialty yo-yos as weapons (kind of like Captain Boomerang/Boomerang from the comics, who used various boomerangs)

Shortstop: a diminutive ex-baseball player with specialty baseballs (yeah, similar to yo-yo, but cartoons tended to do that often). This villain came from Villains and Vigilantes.

The original ones are as follows:

The Bugler: The great-grandson of a villain from the 40's. Uses a magic bugle that allows him to use it for a few different things: Sonic Blast, Sonic Shield, and a mesmerizing sonic tone. Wears a band uniform sans hat, and a domino mask

HyJinx: Prankster villain. Not evil per se, but doesn't think of the consequences of his actions. Kind of like the Flash enemy, the Trickster. Plan on using that pie weapon SA from the rulebook with this character :-)

So, anyone got any suggestions?
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Originally from "Villains Unlimited" as part of a larger group:

Ping and Pong.  Twin sisters, but fraternal - both beautiful.  In the original version, they were hispanic, but the concept is independent of race.

They have a set of very complementary powers.  One of them (and I always get this confused, so let's just say it's Ping) had "gravity control" including the ability to change something's gravity, in other words a telekinesis sort of ability.  Pong, meanwhile, had "Invulnerability" and "Elasticity."

I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.  :D

Pong was known to curl up into a little ball and let Ping toss her at the enemies, over and over again, riccocheting off any surface available.

I'm not sure exactly what they'd do, but for some reason I imagine robbery.  Originally they were in some sort of drug-running super gang, or something like that.  But Ping throwing Pong into a bank safe is such a neat image.


My own idea, though he was originally a superhero:

The Stalker

The Stalker is a shadowy figure most commonly seen in the midwest.  His power is intimately connected to corn, and his powers rise and fall as the corn does - he is the strongest immediately before harvest.  I statted him up in champions once -

* He could move between cornfields at will, or within a cornfield at will, and could always teleport TO a cornfield no matter where he was.

* He could hear (and only hear) through corn (through the ears).  This made him a monster when fighting him in cornfields, since it gave him a 360-degree targeting hearing sense.  This is independent of distance (so clairsentience as "hearing" too).  

* Finally, once again inside a cornfield, he was master of his domain and could cause people to see/hallucinate whatever he wanted (AE mental illusions, huge bonuses, can do damage etc.)

As a villain, he probably has an agenda and targets particular people - mainly those who are anti-corn.  Goes into town/city, kidnaps someone he wants to take, terrorizes them or maybe even kills them...  you know the drill.

As a hero, I always wanted to play him.  In fact, he might work best as a sort of "Punisher" anti-hero that your protagonist occasionally works with, occasionally works against, and you never know when he's going to cross that line...
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Quote from: LxndrOriginally from "Villains Unlimited" as part of a larger group:

Ping and Pong.  Twin sisters, but fraternal - both beautiful.  In the original version, they were hispanic, but the concept is independent of race.

I remember Ping and Pong! I have VU myself. I totally forgot that I had it. I'll have to go pull that one out too, and see if there are any other ideas I can lift out of it. Those two will work well though.

Quote from: Lxndr
My own idea, though he was originally a superhero:

The Stalker

That's an interesting concept, to be sure. Not sure how he'd fit with what I am doing, but I am going to keep him in mind. The concept is different, and that alone makes it something to consider.

Thanks for the suggestions; you've been very helpful!
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The Tarantuloid - Created by a secret government weapons program, the mutated beast escaped and is still at large, though the authorities are covering it up as best they can. The Tarantuloid looks like a cross between a giant spider and a silverback gorilla. In terms of powers, he's a cross between Spider-man(web-shooting, wall-crawling) and the Hulk(inhuman strength and endurance). Not innately evil, the Tarantuloid is simply a very large, very confused animal that wishes people would leave it alone.

Mr. Mantis - A professional troubleshooter, the aptly named Mr. Mantis travels the world eliminating problems for anyone who can afford his fee. He is a very tall, very thin man who is always seen wearing a green suit and bowler hat, as well as green sunglasses that make him look even more like his namesake. A martial arts master and expert in the use of firearms, Mantis can also leap great distances and has a danger sense that allows him to "see" 360 degrees around him. Mantis is a mercenary who goes where the money is, does as he's told, and never takes a defeat personally.

Two Snakes Deng - In China, the snake is considered the most opportunistic of beasts. Two Snakes Deng is a conniving old sorceror who runs an antiquities shop in Chinatown. He tricks people into using cursed artefacts to get their heart's desire, then watches gleefully as they destroy themselves. He also tells fortunes, but always twists the meaning to lead people to ruin. A master manipulator, Deng always capitalizes on the misfortune of others. He doesn't really need the money or power, he simply enjoys watching foolish people suffer.

Potential Allies:

Malik "The Streak" Marcus - Malik lost his mother and both of his legs in a car accident. His father, a brilliant scientist, couldn't bring his wife back but he could give Malik new legs. Malik discovered he could "overclock" his artificial legs and run at superhuman speeds for brief periods. Using his online handle "The Streak", Malik helps out people in his neighbourhood and fights street crime as a masked hero. Malik is also an experienced computer hacker. He is a little bit older than Blaze.

Tommy "Tantrum" Cho - Tommy is a tough kid from Chinatown who was born a mutant. He got his nickname "Tantrum" because when he gets angry, stuff usually gets broken. Tommy can manipulate kinetic energy in two ways. He can boost an object's kinetic energy when he swings it like a club, causing it to do more damage but also causing it to break. He can also reflect back kinetic energy when he is struck by an object, causing the object to break. Tommy is a bit on the chubby side, but very agile and surprisingly strong. He is a little bit younger than Blaze.

Jesse Cage - To most people, Jesse Cage is just the guy who works as a janitor at the local youth centre. No one knows he spent much of his life being trained in the ways of the ninja, or that when there are certain problems the social workers can't help the kids with, Jesse dresses all in black and does what he can to set things right. A master of stealth and martial arts, Jesse looks like a normal guy in his twenties who most people never take notice of. He has a crush on Debbie Grail, one of the social workers at the youth centre.

All of these guys are from a Feng Shui campaign I'm hoping to run someday. You can borrow 'em if you like.

Derek Devlin