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Started by Valamir, October 09, 2001, 03:27:00 PM

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just checking to see if we'll see Cat for Halloween as planned...

John Wick

It's gonna be close. Final edits today. Printer tomorrow. 2 weeks to print. Order it off the website, and you'll get it in time. Otherwise, you gotta wait for the distributor to order it, then the store to order it... :smile:
Carpe Deum,

Ron Edwards

My Visa is twitching with anticipation.



Your website or Wizards-Attic?

John Wick

Gotta talk to Jared about putting links on my website to The Attic...
Carpe Deum,

pointless point

I am definitely looking forward to Cat.  I love this idea.  I am getting a copy for myself and maybe 2 or 3 as gifts for cat lovers I know.  At this price, I can afford to get several copies.


Just checking in.  It is precisely 2 weeks since the previous "printer tomorrow, 2 weeks to print" announcement.

Hoping everything went as planned and that we'll soon be able to order from W-A.


Ok, assmume I'm too dim to go look at the website... can someone give me the basic skinny on this game?  What kinds of characters do you play?  What do they do?  Why do they do it?  Come on, sell it to me.

Gordon C. Landis

Roleplaying cats that protect humans from the monsters the weak human psyche is vulnerable to.  Little Fears meets Watership Down - with cats.

At least, that's a quick, rough approximation that I get from the website listing - which you really should go look at, it's much better than my 2 sentences - and more illustrative, I'm sure.  Here's a direct link for the lazy:

Oh, there's a bit that says "Cat is a "meta-game" whose ideas and rules are easily transferred to any roleplaying game, regardless of complexity".  Enough reason right there to buy, even if you're not a cat lover.  Well, perhaps as a cat lover (not originally, but they showed me the error of my ways), I'm unfairly biased . . .

Gordon (under construction)