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So I ran CAH for my nephew today

Started by urbwar, July 30, 2003, 10:12:21 PM

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After alot of waiting, my nephew and I sat down, finished his character, and played the Pilot episode for "Blaze of Glory". It took about 30 minutes to run, as I kept the plot simple, with just a few notes of possible scenes.

The episode was titled "Crisis on the Campgrounds". Blaze, in his secret id is camping with some friends at Lake Starshine, outside of Quantum City. He does the usual: Swimming, fishing, roasting marsh mellows by the fire, and avoiding the affections of Sally, one of the girls (he is 13 after all, lol)

The next day, they go hiking, and something flies overhead. Two of his friends get into a fight over who it is (one says it's Blaze, the other says it's not). The tussle, and tumble off the trail, and into the woods. The adult with them goes after them, and they come under fire from a team of 6 goons (one of two goon squads after our hero).

Blaze changes into costume (with "Burn Baby Burn" in the background), flies up into the sky, then down into the trees. He sees his friends running from the goons. They get into a fight again, and fall to the ground just as Blaze flies over them (thereby missing flying into them <grin>). He blasts the goons, effectively taking them all out.

Our un named armored villain shows up (alerted by one of the goons), and blasts Blaze with his shoulder missiles (he won initiative). He then taunts Blaze, saying "I've been looking for you Blaze. Someone's paid me alot of money to take you out!"

At this point, my nephew shows some ingenuity: He asks if he can use his fire control power to shut off the guy's rocket pack. Impressed, I say yes. He rolls, using a stunt point for good measure. Succeeding, the bad guy falls 50 feet, and takes almost half his hurt points in damage, even through his 8 armor (I let Anthony roll for the damage, and on 2d12 +6, he did 20 points, 12 after taking out the 8 armor!). They fight, each using burst fire on each other, whittling themselves down. The forest starts to burn, so Blaze goes to the air, hoping to prevent more damage to the forest. The bad guy, almost out (down to 2 hurt points, cause Blaze hit more than he did) Firing missiles at Blaze as he takes off, the bad guy uses the cover of them exploding to flee through the trees using his pack (which Blaze only shut off, not shorted out). Another goon squad has captured his friends, and the armored guy has them put in their cabin, which the goons set afire. Blaze autofires the armored goon, taking him out. He takes out the goons, and puts out the cabin fire. The police arrive, take the bad guys into custody, and praise Blaze for showing up to save the day. He flies off, changes back to his secret id, returns to the burnt cabin, and claims he went for help. One friend says he ran away, the other defends him, and the two get into a fight (a running gag in the episode), which is how the episode ended.

My nephew had fun, and wanted me to run something else right away. I told him we'd play again soon, as I had nothing prepared (it was just the pilot episode).

Thoughts on the game: Man, this is so easy to run. My only problem was looking through the book for rules (like looking up called shot; I think having the additional combat options listed before the damage section would have been helpful), and remembering what the target number was for Blaze's flame control power (the rating is 4, so that's the target number he has to beat on a D12, correct?). Other than that, this was one of the easiest games I've ever run. It reminds me of Cinematic Unisystem (ie Buffy and the upcoming Angel/Army of Darkness games), but with D12 instead of D10. Considering that's one of my favorite game systems, I think that's a major compliment :-)

Looks like another game that will get some actual use, and not just sit on my shelf collecting dust.

Even though I could copy the stuff in the back, I'd hate risking damage to the book (which is all ready well worn on the edges from general handling; methinks I am gonna buy a back up copy, just in case), any chance of there being a download of charts and stuff for the game? Or even better, a screen? Or maybe a pdf screen that could be used with Masterscreen? I'd pay for something like that for sure.
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