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CAH Challege: Iron Chef

Started by xgothgrrl, August 24, 2003, 10:54:38 AM

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During the season finale of the 2003 season, a giant meteorite streaks down from the heavens and strikes Kitchen Stadium! It's strange radioactive properties endow each of the Iron Chefs with mysterious gastronomic powers.

Now, led by Chairman Kaga and aided by an asernal of culinary super gadets they wage an unending battle against the forces of Evil and fast food chains across Asia.

Gourmets by Day, Superheros by night...

Hiroyuki Sakai is Iron Chef French

Masahiko Kobe is Iron Chef Italian

Chen Kenichi is Iron Chef Chinese

Masaharu Morimoto is Iron Chef Japanese

Together they are...The Iron Chefs

Pls devise rules and powers using whatever system you feel appropriate.

For example. Besm, Exalted, or M&M

Have fun...I look forward to seeing the results.

Episode 1: The evil Gajin

(voice over by Chairman Kaga

If my memory serves me correctly, there is an American chef, Bobby Flay, who took on Iron Chef Japanese, Masaharu Morimoto, in a special in the USA. During this memorable lobster battle, Flay committed what most culinary experts considered an unpardonable sin. He stood on his cooking board. While we were incensed by his disrespect to the honorable cooking arts, we bided our time.

But now, Bobby Flay's disgraceful acts have continued. He has used strange mental powers to steal recipes from chefs across the world, and wiping out the chefs memories so he can claim that the dishes were his creations.

So, my Iron Chefs, it is time to use our powers to restore honor and glory to the culinary arts and restore the lost culinary knowlegdge to their rightful owners. This is our duty and we shall not fail.

Today's secret gadget is: the Lobster Claw Gun.


Eddy Fate

This is hilarious!  Very "Secret Adventures of Jackie Chan"!
Eddy Webb
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