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Stance and Event Resolution

Started by lumpley, October 25, 2001, 01:24:00 PM

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In Further on Stances, Mike (hi Mike!) says
Quote(Note that in this example, there is no resolution other than the player power. If you had set a crate falling with director power, and then rolled to see if it hit or used another resolution, then there would be no authoring of the target's fate).
Well surely somebody's doing something to the target's fate.

Is it its own stance to interpret / administrate / apply the mechanics?  Is it part of one or some or all of the other stances?  Is it something else altogether?  I expect that all y'all have talked about this before.  Anybody want to point me toward the relevent threads?

-lumpley Vincent

(Not to pick on Mike, with whom I agree then disagree then agree then disagree, apperently without rhyme or reason.)

Mike Holmes

Well, it's certainly something.

As Stance was formerly defined, as being PC oriented and, therefore, not GM applicable, then, no, this is not a Stance at all. But, now, I'd have to say that it is Author Stance since it is an in-game decision regarding a character. The person employing the Author Stance is the one requiring the roll. And the decision being made in this case is to let fortune mechanics sort things out (as opposed to what we described before which was Drama). Often it is up to the GM to decide that a roll is necessary for something, but not always. To this extent I would guess that the GM would be said to be employing Author Stance.

Note that I'm having problems with the whole Stance model right now, so this may be askew. But it is the only thing that makes sense right now to me as far as Stance.

It would make quite a lot more sense to me to say that someone in a GM role had used his Complete Authority to require that a Fortune resolution be made to determine what happens to the character (and, if you asked about it for some odd reason, I'd also add that the decision was also OOC with regard to the target, but world consistent).  

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Ron Edwards

Guys? I'm back there on "Further on Stances." I think the points I raised there ought to get agreed with or debated further, before I get into the topic raised on this one.



'Scool.  I was hoping it was old news anyway and I could get some background reading.  Guess not.  Oh well.

-lumpley Vincent