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The E*A*K Information You Crave

Started by Nathan, August 07, 2003, 04:46:38 PM

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Greets all,

I've been posting comments and updates in the Mystic Ages Online forum, but I figure this is the better place for some of it. Feel free to respond with questions, comments, or suggestions. I've had a great week of writing, and I hope to get more done tonight.

So far, I am up to about 55 pages in the new EAK manuscript, not including a section on Developing Anhelm and Fell Creatures of the Dark (to replace the Beastie rules). I also haven't included any updated quest generators, heroes/villains, adventures, or mysterious locales.

Here is the rough table of contents to give you an idea of what has changed:


--What You Need to Play
--What Happens During an EAK Game

Creating Your Wizard

Playing Eldritch Ass Kicking
--The Action Roll
--Epic Actions
--Optional Rules (avatar, hubris)

Tools of the Trade
--Magickal Constructs
--Magickal Artifacts
--Creating Magickal Artifacts
--Fell Creatures of the Dark

Gaining Power
--Beating An Opponent
--Words of Power
--Binding A Demon

A Day In A Wizard's Life
--The Sanctorum Guide
--The Economy of Anhelm
--Developing Anhelm

The Gamemaster
--Golden Rule
--Preparing Your Game
--Gameplay (One Shot or Campaign)
--Villains and Extras

Appendix A. GM Aids
--Sample Taverns
--Mysterious Locales

Appendix B. Adventures
--The Tome of Devilish Delights
--The Curse of the Stone Wizard
-- More?

Appendix C. Quest Generators

Character Sheet

There are still some organization issues. It is coming together very nicely however. Really, I'm not sure if you even give a flip what the table of contents is going to look like, but oh well.... Again, comments and questions are appreciated.

Nathan Hill
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Spooky Fanboy

Has Hubris been incorporated into EAK officially? And what is this new "Avatar" thing you've added?
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Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

Yes, Hubris is now part of EAK, although it is still an optional rule. It starts at zero and rises and falls according to certain "events" or "actions". So, if you enact revenge upon a hated foe, points to you. If a foe convinces one of your apprentices or lackeys to switch sides, negative points to you... and so on. Of course, it is pretty simple. The hubris can be used to add an extra punch to magic and is also a simple estimate on how powerful a wizard is. I like it, and in a long term game with epic magick and so on, it is very important.

An Avatar is another optional rule. It provides a little skill cap at 25 - once your wizard's skill in magick reaches a 25, it can rise no higher unless the wizard defeats the avatar for that particular type of magick. There can be only one avatar at a time, so it adds a little superheroic feel to the game.

Cool? Cool.

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