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[MLwM] Joy Juice

Started by DevP, October 14, 2003, 06:31:09 AM

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Excellent game of MLwM. The Master was basically a man who used special syringes to paralyzes persons in the throes of "pleasure", so that he could extract components of a "Joy-Soma" narcotic afterwards. Quick thoughts:

* They liked my GMing, but I had a hard time occaisionally because, well, I'm not the perfect "Gothic-Horror" kinda guy. (My normal GMing occaisionally breaks into in-jokes; it's my flaw.)

* The players were wonderful. Finding the right players is key, and these guys were perfect.

* Started with a Fear 3 Reason 2 master, and pushed things off fast enough that we did, in fact, end the game in about 2 or 3 hours.

* There was actually some mixture of Villainy/Violence scenes and Connections, and I let them happen essentially simultaneously. (Great example: Clarita was talking with her dad, giving him money, and making him very happy. It was heart-warming. And:

Me: You dad smiles, and walks out the door.
Her: He's happy?
Me: Yee he is. <g>
Her: I stab him with the syringe!

My jaw just dropped - I didn't see it coming! She was a wonderful minion.)

* The one problem I had: I still checked the "formula" chart all the time to look up how to roll, and also was constantly checking for the Endgame trigger (trying to give enough fodder to end the game ASAP). I should be fine after a while though.

* There was a problem when the Endgame was triggered, and one minion was trying to prevent the master's death. There didn't seem to be any means of testing for what happened, so what I did was let one minion "kill" the other, then sent that one off while the other one got up to finish the job.

Okay, to bed. With the lights on.