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[Thugs & Thieves] The inexorable ampersand

Started by ethan_greer, October 22, 2003, 08:01:16 PM

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Astute readers may have noticed that in all previous discussion, I have never used an ampersand (&) in the title of the game.  Not once, to my knowledge.  And, almost without fail, everyone else participating in discussions about the game has used the ampersand every time.

You're all obviously bastards.

And now you've won.  That's right, you've beaten me - look no further than the subject line of this thread for my concession.  Thugs and Thieves is dead.  Long live Thugs & Thieves!

So, idle point of curiosity: Why?  Is it the D&D legacy, or simply internet typing shortcuts?

(Side note: If I were going to write a D&D parody, I'd call it A&A - Ampersands & Abbreviations.)

Rich Forest

Thugs and Thieves vs. Thugs & Thieves.

Hm.  On the one hand, it seems like such a little difference.  On the other, even though I would probably type the ampersand when posting about the game online... I like the "and" better.  Maybe because it distances itself from D&D.  Maybe because, for me at least, it puts more emphasis on each of the other words in the title.  




Hi, Rich.  Hmm, indeed. I liked the "and" better, too.  But a stylized logo will look better on the cover with the ampersand, and the ampersand is a tradition amongst old-school games.  And really, when you get down to it, Thugs & Thieves is sort of my take on old-school gaming done "right." (Or at least, done my way...) So, despite the mock vitriol in the post above, I'm pretty sure that the ampersand title is the way to go.  Alas, poor "and," we hardly knew ye... :D