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Random Order Comics and Games #5

Started by James V. West, January 02, 2004, 07:23:42 AM

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James V. West

The new issue of Random Order Comics and Games is now available.

This issue features several comics, including a new Zarp story that takes you into his past for just a little peek.

The featured RPG this issue is Green's X-Mas, a game of Santa's little helpers. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the game already. Get your print copy pronto!

Check it out right here.


Hey, James, I subscribed, but I don't remember when - how many more issues do I have before I run out?  I'm pretty sure I'm already getting #5, and I'm looking forward to it!
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James V. West


You're good through issue #7, so no worries.

I'll be updating my subscription policy soon to reflect the looser schedule. It won't affect anything really. A subscription will still be 4 books.

John Harper

I got issue #5 when I ordered TQB and I just wanted to say: Good work James! The opening comic in particular is great. This slim volume is the third-best value in indie rpg products (the first being TQB itself, the second being Wushu -- so it's in good company). Thanks a lot for including it in my order, James.
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James V. West

You're welcome.

I think the game in this issue is pretty nifty.


Quote from: James V. WestYou're welcome.

I think the game in this issue is pretty nifty.

/me glares at James

The suck! I been waiting *months* to find out what happens to Zarp & co. in that two-parter you started in Iss. 3. FINISH it already!

James V. West

You got it.

It's nice that somebody cares ;-)