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Author Topic: Playtesters needed - the Collective by Thomas Denmark  (Read 925 times)

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« on: August 06, 2004, 04:33:20 PM »


I'm working on an RPG called the Fantasy Collective (a placeholder name until something better comes along).

It is a competitive RPG that does not require a GM. It may be played solo, but I prefer testing to be done multi-player (no playtesters will be turned down, if you don't have a regular gaming group available you are still invited!).

the Collective is:
1. a stand-alone RPG (each booklet does not require any other books to play).
2. "universal", it does not have a setting yet, and may be played in any era, but the default setting is fantasy (of course...).
3. unique - no gm required, it has a win goal (and thus is competitive and finite, unlike traditional RPG's which are cooperative and infinite), and it does not require dice (it has cards for randomness - so don't think it's "diceless" with all the baggage that term brings).
4. Crunchy - the system is innovative, cutting edge, and simple without the limitations typical "light" RPG systems have.
5. A fantasy heartbreaker.

the Collective is not:
1. "Artsy" - you're not playing something existential, you are not playing a toaster, the theme is not 'cutting edge'.
2. Going to be published by anyone but my own independent self-publishing label. (unless someone offers me loads of cash of course!)
3. Fluffy - there is not a lot of setting.
4. Going to make a lot of money, but it will be played and enjoyed a lot.

The first round will be available within a week to playtest. It is primarily a test of the core systems: Melee, Psionics and Magic.

If you are interested simply reply to this post with your e-contact info.


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