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"Distributed Gaming" Dark Fantasy World

Started by caio_maximino, November 18, 2004, 10:54:45 PM

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I'm trying to put down some ideas on a distributed-gaming, open source, collective effort on creating a dark fantasy world. Part of the "bibliography" suggested to those who would like to participate in the project is some Forge articles. Is there anyone who is interested in the project, or could give me a few hints?


I own DaemonEye Publishing, and one of my products is the "Dead Stars" sci-fi/horror game.  I wrote a section in the core rule book on the nature of fear, and as the entire book is open-source you can easilly use it (for proper credit of course).  I'm also heavilly involved in the Free Gaming Association's open gaming initiative, called "Prometheus".

Somehow, I think the two of us could really "hit it off" on this ;)

Give me an e-mail.

Jay Tyler Barrell
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Look for the Prometheus Gaming License, the best risk free compatibility license!

Jay Tyler Barrell
Owner: DaemonEye Publishing

Mike Holmes

Could you tell us some more about it?

Are we talking online collaboration here? A Wiki, perhaps?

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