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Started by Aikanaro, April 05, 2005, 06:58:57 AM

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After so long of restraining myself from saying something stupid here - here I am, actually posting :) Any other like minded lurking people wish to throw off the veil of secrecy and get at least *something* in your post count without actually contributing, here is a wonderful place :)

(And I must sincerely apologise for totally butchering The Forge's terminology while trying to use it at other places ... but meh, I'm sure you're all very forgiving people, no? *meep*)


When I first learned the terminology, I thought I understood (without reading anything), and went to my players and told them that the One Right Way to Play is Narrativism (which is better than Simulationism and Gamism, which is hack-and-slash!), which means the players narrate everything, and don't need any rules, and the GM needs no prep!


The fact that it was playable is a miracle. And in any case, I'm sure you weren't as bad as *that*. :-)

So, welcome to all ye delurkers. NOW GET DELURKING.

David Laurence

(imagine some cool de-lurking sound effect - like "vwoomp" or summat)

Hi. I lurk. I check in almost every day, though, mostly on Actual Play. I'd probably post to AP, if I thought I had anything to add. For the moment, though, I'm-a just studying, building up a bag of tricks and so on. It's helped a lot, I must say.

Still, all of my gaming is online (e-mail and forum), on account of I'm a going-on-10-years expat in Japan, and I still don't think I could probably roleplay in Japanese. (Thinking about it, I probably could. But I certainly wouldn't have time.) Which makes it hard to pipe in on discussions about play and so on, since what I do is so different from what most folks here do.

But I'll be heading back to the States this fall to get my Master's in Linguistics, so hopefully I'll have a few chances to get in some "real" face-to-face roleplaying. Knock on wood.
David Laurence