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Married? Have Kids? Pets? Demons?

Started by Sydney Freedberg, April 06, 2005, 04:53:41 PM

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Sydney Freedberg

Real purpose of this thread: Sheer cussed curiousity.
High-minded purpose of this thread: Break down the stereotype of gamers as alienated isolated misfits [or at least college kids with nothin' better to do]. The last two guys whose homes I played in featured wives (one each!), kids (two each), and cats (uh, they don't stay still, but I think one each), so I suspect the stereotype's bunk.

I'll go first, of course:

Wife: Yes
Kids: One (girl, 1 year 1 month old)
Pets: No (except when our building doesn't spray for roaches)
Demons: Purely metaphorical

joshua neff

Wife: yes, and she's part of my gaming group. For life!
Kids: one, my wife's daughter (who I will be adopting as soon as time and money permit--although if time permits and money doesn't, I'll try to adopt her anyway, because being her legal father is very, very important to me).
Pets: none, although both the wife and the kid have become very vocal about wanting some sort of pet.
Demons: of course, but they're all internal.

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Victor Gijsbers

I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Wife: No.
Kids: No.
Pets: No.
Demons: (You're not supposed to know about them!)

But then, I'm only 22, so I might come around to changing those No's.

Andrew Cooper

Wife: Yes.  (And she's prettier than yours too.  *eep - There goes my Gamist side.*)
Kids: 1 boy who is 14 months old
Pets: 2 dogs and a fish.  (Joshua - you can have my dogs.)
Demons: I have a Cute Cthulhulu... does that count?

Ron Edwards


Married? Yes, to a wife (just in case that other thread has anyone all bent out of shape for whatever reason)

Kids? No. Unless you count all you wankers.

Pets? One cat. I love her but I also miss our dog.

Demons? See answer to "kids."


Sydney Freedberg

Oh yeah, and since we have a gay marriage thread: if you're gay and have a partner you would marry if it were legal (or did marry in Canada or Hawaii or whatever) -- feel free to put that in place of "wife."

And no disrespect meant to people who aren't married with kids and cats, obviously. I spent a long time single, and I'm still allergic to cats.

[EDIT 1: crossposted with Ron on gay marriage]

[EDIT 2: Or you could be a woman and married to a husband. Duh. Me am feel smart now.]

Fabrice G.

At least I can try...

Wife : Not yet... but after May 21 this will be another story :-)
Kids : whoa... slow down a little bit, it's planned, soon after sometime in may
Pets : want to, but no.
Demon : it all depends on what's your definition, then we'll have to look at you Humanity's too.

Take care,


Keith Senkowski

Wife: Yes
Kids: No, but not for lack of trying...
Pets: Two cats with hopes of a dog in the near future.
Demons:  His name is Bob and he tells me to burn things.

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Emily Care

wife: none yet
kids: ditto
pets: 3 cats, live with 3 dogs, 6 sheep & 10 chickens. (Not all in the house, mind you. We're not quite that medieval on the farm.)
demons: just one, I think, but it rides around quite nicely in my belly so I guess it can stay for now.

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Black & Green Games

Andrew Cooper


Trying is the best part anyways. :)

Brennan Taylor

Wife: Yes, her name is Krista and we got together in large part because we are both gamers.
Kids: Two, a 9-year-old son Crisping and 7-year-old daughter Dirdre. Crispin is really into roleplaying and card games and geekish activities, Dirdre is into Bratz and Polly Pocket and Girl Scouts.
Pets: None at the moment (renting), but I would like a dog. Terribly allergic to cats, much to my wife's chagrin.
Demons: His name is Self-Doubt and he plagues me daily.

Andrew Norris

One wife-to-be, although it seems like "to-be" is a formality. The wedding's still a year off, and she's nearly got everything planned. Also a gaming partner, and she deserves a medal for letting me talk out my Sorcerer game prep with her.

Two cats (one from each of us), one of which unequivocably qualifies as a demon. She's not evil; she's just the center of the universe. And things get ugly when she's deprotagonized during the never-ending roleplaying session that is her life. She had a serious "whiff" while chasing invisible mice last month, and ran into a wall; we made the mistake of letting her see us laugh, and she punished us for weeks.


Married: Yes, to the love of my life. She and I met in an online RP forum (CompuServe's RPGAMES, RIP). I moved across the Atlantic to be with her and never once regretted it.

Kids: Two stepsons (12, 10), one toddler boy (14 months). We're homeschooling the older boys, NOT for religious reasons. There will not be any more additions to these three, I saw to that.

Pets: Three cats, who make more trouble than they're worth. Except when they come to sit on my lap while we watch Deadwood. EDIT: Almost forgot, we also have three hermit crabs in fancy painted shells. Though they seem to be trading them all the time.

Demons: Between cats who have a habit of throwing up all over the place, and three boys with very strong wills, we've managed to exorcise even the hardiest demons from our house.


Wife: Yes, 8 months as of tomorrow.
Kids: No, nor will I ever have any of my own. We do plan on adopting once I get status in the country, however.
Pets: Not currently, as I'm living la vida condo. I had a dog and a cat my whole life until I moved here though, so I'm planning on fixing the situation asap.
Demons: Only the kind that keep you awake at night. My wife helps keep them away most of the time.
- Brand Robins


Spouse: One, a woman.
Kids: Two, both boys. One's 8, one's 5 on Monday.
Pets: Three, all cats. They suck but I kind of like them.
Demons: Legion. Heh.