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Married? Have Kids? Pets? Demons?

Started by Sydney Freedberg, April 06, 2005, 03:53:41 PM

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Quote from: lumpley
That's something to do with vibrations in the sidewalk and shorts in the wires and something. I'm pretty sure. I'm almost positive. It happens to me too. Sometimes when I'm driving - vibrations in the road, then, too. It happens all the time to everybody, I think. Right? I mean, um, right?


Suuuure, you keep telling yourself that...
Pete Darby

J B Bell

Spouse:  wife, 9 years now.  She kicks all the ass, and has a major stockpile of names.
Kids: Nope.  I'm fixed.  Might adopt or foster one day.
Pets:  There's this neighborhood cat, Milayo, who hangs with us sometimes.  He's kind of a "homeless by choice" cat.  Used to the people on the lot we're now on owned him, and he just kept running away and coming back to our place, so they gave up.  Good arrangement.
Demons:  I try to kill them with kindness.  Still, "I Suck," "Everybody Else Sucks, Kill Them All," "Nobody Likes Me," and "Keep This Grudge Forever, I Loves It I Do" sometime make appearances, requiring further pacification.  Properly treated, they're like over-opinionated, but not actually stupid, war-room advisers.
"Have mechanics that focus on what the game is about. Then gloss the rest." --Mike Holmes

Blake Hutchins

Wife: Yes - going on seven years under the rings.  Has done some gaming, but it ain't her passion.

Kids: Two girls - Shaughnessy (5) and Elowyn (9 mo.).

Cats: Four - Rogue, Hotspur, Hector, Amoke.  A cool clowder.

Demons:  Come on.  I'm an attorney.  I am a demon.

Bill Cook

Spouse: None.
Kids: None.
Pets: My mom has two cats and a golden retriever, Daisy. One of the cats is named Aleph. He's polydactyl (i.e. two-toed.) He scratches at my door every morning between three and six a.m. If the door's open, he sits on the window ledge and bats the Phoenecian blinds until I get up and let him out. I tried Windex to get him to stop, but he just got more guerrilla.
Demons: Overuse. Regret. Hopelessness. Self-loathing.


Spouse: Yup, married 7 years in June; she don't game, but she don't mind that I do.
Kids: One, boy, Max, 14 mo., running around like a chimp.  But, y'know, with my eyes...
Pets: Two cats, one is 9 (my wife's) the other is 15 (mine) and is an old beast.
Demons: Well, they come and go, but I think I just recently got rid of one for good.

And Christopher Weeks:  Jee-zus, you moved to Jordan with SIX cats??  That's impressive...


Spouse:  One Wife (first one) going on 8 years
Kids: Four (6 yrs, 4 yrs, 2 yrs, 3 mos)
Pets:  Dog (Clarabelle, 1 yr)
Demons:  They exist, but greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world. :)
"We know what we know because someone told us it was so."

Doug Ruff

Spouse: We don't subscribe to the marriage thing, but me and Claire have been living together long enough that we might as well be. Planning on staying together too, which is the most important thing.
Kids: We don't do children either. We like children, and we don't want to spoil that by actually, y'know, having any.
Pets: None since our last cat passed away - he was a cat of enormous character (and size!) We're on the look out for a couple of kittens, but not just yet.
Demons: Overactive imagination + inadequate willpower = demons everywhere!
'Come and see the violence inherent in the System.'


Wife: Yes.  Dated one year, Engaged for four more, and married six years in September.  She games, GM's, the whole thing.

Kids: My nephew, 14, lives with us and has since he was 9. When he got here, he couldn't read -- could do even basic math.  He's legitimately going have the grades to be a freshman in High School this fall. He games.  ((Also my wife is pregnant and we are expecting in August.))

Pets: Two dogs, massing a net 185 pounds. Two cats I rarely (and thankfully) see.

Demons: Light OCD.  My next domain name will probably be '' :P
Doyce Testerman ~
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My profile

Wife: 1 pending (On the 8th of July this year) named Lorraine
Kids: Not Yet
Pets: A mad dog named "Jarvis"
Demons: None since I met Lorraine (Altogether AAAWWWW)

Thor Olavsrud

Spouse: Divorced
Kids: None
Pets: Two cats, Frey and Gracie. The ex-wife got the dog and another cat.
Demons: I call him Steve Albini


Spouse: None currently, although there is a a former Mrs.KomradeBob out there.
Kid: Threnody, age nine. (Why yes, I do have a lot of black in my wardrobe and play WW games, why do you ask?)
Pets: None of my own, but the roommmates' pets make up for it, as they've been largely collectivized ( 2 cats, one dog).
Demons: I occasionally borrow other people's...
Robert Earley-Clark

currently developing:The Village Game:Family storytelling with toys


Spouse: Been in a committed relationship for 10 years
Kids: No, but my brother is 17 years younger, so it's like being a grandparent
Pets: Never
Demons: Thor Olavsrud, Radoslaw Drozdalski, Mayuran Tiruchelvam, K Senowski along with assorted minor entities of depression and mania

Jennifer Rodgers

Spouse: 1 male. gamer/sound geek by name of Russ.
Kids: No! Never!
Pets: 1 cat. Harley. AKA: Dr. Facesmack
Demons: the typical freelancing demons. they cause bloodshot eyes,panic attacks and fear of the irs.
Jennifer Rodgers
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Spouse: 1 woman, Meghann.  She does game with me.
Kids: No.
Pets: Two cats, Viktoria and Garrett named after the two principle thieves in the video game Thief.
Demons: Arogance.  When I was a kid I wanted to play a thief in D&D because one of the books said something about "the world owes me a living."  I had no idea, at the time, what that meant but I sure liked the sound of it.


Eric J-D

Spouse: Yes (we'll be celebrating 17 years this August).  Our only problem is that we both realize that we need a wife.

Kids: 1 girl (Grace--11 years old).  She is the kind of kid that I would want to be part of my life even if she wasn't my child.  So, I guess that means I love her.

Pets: 1 dog (Thelonious)

Demons: Yep.  It's called my fucking dissertation and I hope to banish that sucker this year!  After that it should be much quieter here--just me and the half-dozen or so odd voices I hear in my head.