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Started by Matt Snyder, August 09, 2005, 09:17:57 PM

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Matt Snyder

I'm trying to figure out more about podcasts and how we might make use of them as indie publishers.

FYI, podcasts are prety simple MP3 downloads. So, basically, just audio files with a hip name.

I currently know of only two gaming-related podcasts, though I've heard others referenced.

1) Sons of Kryos by Judd</a> (aka Paka)

2) Have Games, Will Travel by Paul Tevis (ptevis here on the Forge)

I'm interested in discussing two angles here.

First, we might get some "air time" in the form of sponsorships or other advertisments or trade-offs with podcasters. Paul reviews games pretty extensively on Have Games Will Travel, and he likely will get around to some indie games related to the Forge (that's up to him, of course).

Second, how might we make some of our own podcasts? I'm ignorant of the technology involved, so I'm hoping these guys will chime in with suggestions.

For example, I know Jared Sorensen expresses interest in podcasting the awesome RPG seminars he's running with John Wick, Vincent Baker and Clinton R. Nixon at GenCon. Any ideas, folks?
Matt Snyder

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Gaming related podcasts are what got me listening to podcasts in the first place.  I started with Geekspeak which is board gaming focuses and done by the guys behind  I've also been quite surprised by how much fun I've been having listening to the podcast play sessions at  The main feature is a group running through the World's Biggest Dungeon, which is up to 23 sessions now.  It's great Actual Play material.  It would be cool if some brave and enterprising soul did the same thing for games like DitV or MLwM.  Given that the "play density" of indies games is so much higher than traditional RP sessions, I think they'd be marvelous in podcast format.

Andrew Morris

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The RPGMP3 site, mentioned by rafial above, also has a download of My Life with Santa which is a MLwM session.  I have not yet listened to it. 



The idea of using the same mic and set-up as a way to record games is awesome.  I'd love to have an Actual Play mp3.

Veritas Games

Check out:

Both are useful for independent publishers in my opinion.
Lee Valentine
Veritas Games


I just realized that my Sons of Kryos partner was not mentioned.

Jeff (thelostgm) Lower does all of the tech stuff, all of the heavy lifting and we record it at his house.

I feel like a jerk for letting that slip until just now.

Denise is another venue you might consider looking into.

They did a feature about the ENnies, including a little trash talk from Tony LB in episode 3.
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