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A resource for those trying to keep up on the Forge Diaspora RPG D&T Blogosphere

Started by RobMuadib, December 15, 2005, 08:15:28 PM

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Hi all

I put this deal the other day, You may find it useful, from my canned announcement:

A new resource for budding tabletop RPG designers, a "lens", PPD RPG Design - Paper Pencil & Dice Rules, is now online. The lens provides RSS feeds from the RPG Design/Theory Blogosphere, links to RPG Design forums and lists, RPG design resources pages, and recommendations for RPG & game design related books.
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Andy Kitkowski

Wow dude, this is some powerful, powerful stuff right here.  It looks exactly like what folks hoped would happen to Theory with its movement away from the Forge.

Thanks for putting this together, it's an excellent collection. Now ten bookmarks have become One.

The Story Games Community - It's like RPGNet for small press games and new play styles.

Eero Tuovinen

Now you totally undermined me, I was working on a similar deal. Great going, and saves me some work.
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