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Where Are You?

Started by Josh Roby, April 06, 2006, 02:35:47 PM

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Josh Roby

This is where I live:

Nation: The United States
State/Province: California
Region: Southern California
City: Whittier, suburb of LA
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Country: Israel.
Area: Shomron.
"City": Alphei Menashe.
Guy Shalev.

Cranium Rats Central, looking for playtesters for my various games.
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Brennan Taylor

Nation: The United States
State/Province: New Jersey
Region: North-Western New Jersey, by the Pennsylvania border
City: Washington, town of 6,500


Nation: The United States
State/Province: California
Region: The Area Code formerly known as The 909.
City: Wildomar


Nation:  USA
State:  Ohio
Region:  Central Ohio
City:  Westerville


North Carolina
The Triangle

There are quite a lot in the Triangle crew.
Jeffrey S. Schecter: Pagoda / Other


Nation: The United States
State/Province: Illinois
Region: Central Illinois
City: Peoria

And no, I don't want to hear if my games play in Peoria.  So there.  The city uses that as a slogan, and I find it to be terribly lame.  Sigh.
Seth Ben-Ezra
Dark Omen Games
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Bryan Hansel

Nation:  USA
State:  Minnesota
Region:  North Shore of Lake Superior
City:  Grand Marais

About 30 minutes from Canada.

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Nation : France
State/province : N/A
Region : île de France
City : Paris

Just a note on the side. I'm a native french speaker, born in Canada. I'm a Québécois (I used to live in Montréal, great city, BTW). I've been living in France for over four years and married a French woman. Paris is a wonderful city to live in...
Sébastien Pelletier
And you thought plot was in the way ?
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joshua neff

Nation: United States of America
State: Kansas
Region: North-Eastern (i.e., vaguely more liberal, i.e. some of us actually don't want Creationism or ID taught in public schools) Kansas
City: Olathe, KS

"You can't ignore a rain of toads!"--Mike Holmes


Nation/State/Province/Region/City: The Bronx
The ancient Greeks, being silly, thought matter consisted of Air, Earth, Water and Fire. Modern people, being sophisticated, know it's composed of Gasses, Solids, Liquids and Plasma.
Ask me why the Greeks were right about the indivisibility of the atom!

Joshua A.C. Newman

Nation : United States
State/province : Massachusetts
Region : Western Massachusetts Commonwealth of Game Designers
City : Northampton (well, Florence, but it doesn't even have a town hall)
the glyphpress's games are Shock: Social Science Fiction and Under the Bed.

I design books like Dogs in the Vineyard and The Mountain Witch.

Andrew Cooper

Nation:  USA
State:    Tennessee
Region:  Tennessee Valley
Town:     Morristown

Anders Larsen

Nation: Denmark
City: Copenhagen

- Anders

Larry L.

Nation: USA
State: Minnesota
Region: Twin Cities metro
City: Minneapolis
Neighborhood: Whittier