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Where Are You?

Started by Josh Roby, April 06, 2006, 02:35:47 PM

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Josh Roby

So close, Larry, and yet so far away...
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Alex F

United Kingdom
~Russell Square + Kings Cross
In a big postgraduate international hall (yet strangely, I'm about as international as Tizer) that feels like a model united nations
In a flat, very messy (the missus is away).

Soon to be...
in bed.

Emily Care

Nation: The United States
State/Province: Massachusetts
Region: New England, Western Mass, the "Highlands" or hilltowns
City: Plainfield (population 670 people, and some number of sheep, chickens, llamas etc.)
Koti ei ole koti ilman saunaa.

Black & Green Games


Hoy, :)

Nation/State: Portugal
City: Lisbon
Region: Sure, why not...

João Mendes
Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon Gamer

Joel P. Shempert

Republic of Pacifica--er, I mean
Portland, Oregon
Story by the Throat! Relentlessly pursuing story in roleplaying, art and life.

Andrew Morris

Nation: The United States
State/Province: New Jersey
Region: Central NJ
City: Edison
Download: Unistat

Eric J-D

QuoteCity : Northampton (well, Florence, but it doesn't even have a town hall)

But it does have the Miss Florence Diner!

Nation: Misinfornation [i.e. The U.S. of A, baby!---land of "love it or leave it you dirty....(insert convenient scapegoat here)"]  From time to time, though, I reside in my adoptive countries, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

State: New Jersey

Region: Northern Jersey, the bedroom communities of NYC

City: Madison (the Rose City)

Ben Lehman

Nation: People's Republic of China
Province: Shanghai Municipality
Neighborhood: Old City

At least, for now...


Washington County
Frank Filz


Nation: United Kingom
State/Province: Northern Ireland
Region: County Antrim
City: Belfast

Christoph Boeckle

Nation: Switzerland
Region: Either the counties of Jura or Vaud (french speaking part Switzerland, aka la Suisse romande)
City: Delémont or Lausanne (respectively)

I live in the first, study in the second.


Nation: United Kingdom/England
Region: West Yorkshire
City: Leeds
Suburb: Rodley


Nation: United States
State/Province: Australia (Launch Pad 2)
City: Melbourne
AKA Jeff Zahari