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[Bliss Stage] Playtesters Wanted

Started by Ben Lehman, April 12, 2006, 02:52:50 PM

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Ben Lehman

One of my front-burner games -- Bliss Stage: Love, Sex, and Giant Robots -- has just moved to a new stage of development.  The basic rules are completed, with a few more nips and tucks necessary before I feel totally comfortable with it, but essentially done.  What I need to find right now is a few groups of 3-7 folks to sit down and give the game a complete start-to-finish run.  Depending on your character choices and number of players, this will take between 1-10 sessions, probably averaging around 6.  Smaller numbers of players will give shorter arcs.

The basic premise of the game is that, five years from now, a scrappy band of teenagers are earth's last defense against mysterious alien invaders that live inside our dreams.  The only way to fight against these aliens is with robots made out of weaponized love, which as you might expect causes absolutely no interpersonal problems whatsoever.  There's a teaser here which a lot of people liked.

Players will get full support from me during their play, credit in the book, my eternal gratitude, and possibly presents.  You'd be expected to play the game and give session reports either to me personally or in any public Actual Play forum.  If you're interested, send an e-mail to to let me know.

You also get to look at the totally awesome character sheet.