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Author Topic: [Actual Play] The Smith Apocalypse  (Read 12773 times)
Keith Senkowski
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On A Downward Spiral...

« Reply #15 on: June 19, 2006, 07:43:46 AM »

One of the things I was working on while waiting for the Bodak to leave my corpse alone last night actually was a template for the Journeymen...  which rolled into templates for lots of things...

Conspiracy of Shadows: Revised Edition
Everything about the game, from the mechanics, to the artwork, to the layout just screams creepy, creepy, creepy at me. I love it.
~ Paul Tevis, Have Games, Will Travel
O. Rodriguez

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« Reply #16 on: June 19, 2006, 12:43:44 PM »

I can't speak for Neil, but I really don't mind the current focus on Phil (Santiago). Rodrigo and Sylvani drilled Santiago much more fervently than the fiction indicates. Phil seemed a bit exhausted at the end of the session. I would be a bit concerned if it looked like we were "picking on" him at the table, but it doesn't seem to be the case. I see the tension building around his character and it feels as if he's headed towards his own climax within the game soon. I hope it can somehow be worked out so it doesn't hurt the rest of what happens at the table. Phil can chime in, if I'm wrong about that.

I liked that the first herald went down fairly quickly. If anything it bothered me that he got back up after I took it down. I wasn't really looking for a drawn out physical confrontation, so it worked out just fine for me. I think it would be better that any physical confrontation grow more dangerous as the threat of the apocalypse grows. I could see where someone could say this is a bit too much metagaming, but I don't see it that way.

We didn't use much destiny or doom, which I found suprising. The point I used for loyalty was done simply to communicate to Keith that I had no interest in this guy selling us out. There are so many paths already open to betrayal that I didn't want to introduce someone into the game that would introduce additional avenues.

Neil can certainly explain, but I thought it was interesting that when Rodrigo attacked Sylvani  we paused, exchanged a few statements and Rodrigo went after the kill in full force. Is it that we've "grown" as gamers or that the game has the caveat built in about consensual character death? I'm not sure. Regardless, if it wasn't for a well used Trust die, Sylvani might have been out of commission.
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