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(Divinity) Beta Playtesters wanted

Started by sean2099, September 03, 2006, 04:05:47 AM

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Hi Forgites:

I wanted to thank everyone for the past comments they have made about Divinity.  With your help, I have, at least in my own mind, have gotten to the point where I can say Divinity is ready for playtesting.  I need some kind souls to look at this work and if they find it worthy or bored (I'll take what I can get.), then any readthrough, playtesting and comments would be appreciated.

Some Back Cover Sales Text:

Enemies hate you. Mortals adore you. Allies are a must for you are a Divinity, a god to the mortals that serve you. Be wary, for while mortals worship you; they expect something in return.

The Divinity RPG is a guide for players wanting to role-play beings that are either gods or
possess god-like powers. The gods are bound by a social contract to serve the mortals that
worship them. Please them, gain their glory and trust. Fail them or move out of your station and
gain dissatisfaction.

The Divinity RPG also has items for the Overseer, the term we use for anyone who is running
this game. With guides on creating worlds and other aids, the running of Divinity is made a bit
easier. So, pick up a copy and see for yourself.

Known Flaws:

1.  There is no cover art as such...since it is a beta copy, I used a Lulu default cover. (think stripped book here)
2.  I have inserted art but some of it is grainy or pixelated.  The overall layout is there and the text is readable.
3.  Since I have inserted art, the index may be off as much as 2-3 pages.

Finally, the link




email to join AGES Gaming Yahoo Group
it's my lil' website.