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$150 for RPG GAMERS

Started by Omelet, February 11, 2007, 08:56:18 PM

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Are you someone who can spend hours assuming the roles of characters and participating in a world of where your choices shape the direction and outcome of the game? When you hear the word "party" do you immediately think about the teammates you are grouped with while playing Oblivion? If you get a bruise or a wound is the first thing that crosses your mind to cast a healing spell?

If so, we want to meet you. We are looking for some well-spoken 18-34 year old RPG gamers in Los Angeles that would like to let us into their lives and talk to us about their gaming lifestyle.  It will be just like MTV cribs, but much cooler. AND, to sweeten up the deal we will be paying you $150 for letting us into your home, taking us to where you buy new games, and talking to us about your life for three hours.

Sound cool? 

Email us at with the following information:

1.   Name
2.   Age
3.   Tells us why you are the biggest RPG gamer
4.   Three favorite games
5.   A number where we can reach you

We will call back all people who we think are worthy of top RPG gamer status to schedule a time that works best. 


Who and what is this little documentary going to be for?

And you mention Oblivion... are you talking about video games? This site is dedicated to tabletop roleplaying games.

I'm a little curious as to why you want the biggest RPG gamer/top RPG gamer... Why not a good cross-section of people who play games? Both the casual gamer and the dedicated one?


Oh, hey, look, another attempt to humiliate people for being different under the guise of an American Idol/Cribs-type 'show'.  And guess what? you get $150 bucks too! What a huge pay off! No thanks.
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I'm closing this thread, which means no one post any further replies. If anyone's interested in learning more about this (dubious) proposition, then contact the guys on your own. The starting post is legal here, so it isn't going into the Inactive File, but there's no reason for discussion.

Harsh, I agree with your viewpoint, but the recommended thing to do with folks like this is not to post in reply. A thread with a little "0 replies" that sinks into obscurity is the best solution.

Best, Ron