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Started by Ian Freeman, June 22, 2001, 02:08:00 PM

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Ian Freeman

Here's a thought for a system tag-on.

Each character has a number of fate point. These fate points represent how much life the character has left to live. When the character runs out of fate points it is the GMs responsibility to kill off the character and then the player starts again.

The twist: The objective is to burn fate points. Fate points are never earned, only lossed. And they are lossed by achieving heroic/great things. This comes from the whole "a candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long" schtick.

This could be a competitive game, where the players are trying to get their characters to achieve great things (which is pretty damn broad, from winning the booker prize to slaying the dragon to getting married) and to run out of fate points.

Once out of fate points, the player strives to ensure an appropriately dramatic death. The GM is supposed to kill the character off, but not outright. THe character gets a chance to have a funky death.
Ian Freeman
"Dr. Joyce looks profoundly unconvinced (I don't blame him really, this is all a pack of lies)"  -- Iain Banks, The Bridge


I've always been amused by the idea of a player being able to see his character's demise on the near horizon, and rushing headlong to meet it.  I have two games that play off of that premise - WYRD and Human Wreckage - but both do it somewhat different than what you describe.  Likewise, Jared's Schism setting for Sorceror plays around with this idea a bit, not that I would know, since I'm having trouble with my PayPal account.  :sad:

In short, I think it's a great idea.  Do you have an idea for a game that you would use it with?

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7th Sea, played properly, can be very similar to that at times.  We ran 7th Sea sporadically for a few months, and by the time we were reaching the end, the level of lethality was high enough that the drama dice were absolutely essential to our survival.  It slowed our character advancement, but it sure did wonders for our reputation.

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Ian Freeman

I don't have any ideas for an attached setting, i used to, but i tossed it out once I added the idea that the characters are reincarnated when they die, so they idea of fate points becomes a little moot.

This setting essentially has characters serving under the divine being of Fate to end the world.

Anybody have any settings where fate mechanics are particularly appropriate?
Ian Freeman
"Dr. Joyce looks profoundly unconvinced (I don't blame him really, this is all a pack of lies)"  -- Iain Banks, The Bridge

Jared A. Sorensen

Um, the Squeam series has Fate, but I'm not sure if it's what you mean.  Basically, if you're attacked and the intent is to kill you, you die.  Unless you scream...then the GM burns one of your Fate points and something happens so that you live (the killer's knife misses, the friendly local sheriff pulls up, etc.).  Players don't know what their starting Fate is...
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