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Author Topic: [KvD] Card/Board game?  (Read 975 times)

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« on: April 28, 2007, 09:35:02 AM »

Just a couple thoughts on my next endeavor ...

The concept:
KvD (to be disclosed later); a board game where "collectible card decks" are used as the conflict resolution and the board is used as a resource generator/strategy piece. The basic game concept is to collect resources that allow you to use your card deck via battles fought on the board whereby the board could possibly help/hinder the battle or be a stage for a certain task required to win the game.

The goal:
The goal, in a basic game, would be to dominate the board (kill everything and capture all enemy resource centers) or to capture an enemy base, or accomplish a task in some other, mechanics-generated scenario.

The mechanics:
The resource in this particular game world is human souls (KvD is the typical good v evil saga). One faction can use souls directly (but have a higher face value cost per use) and the other faction must convert the souls into something before using them (but have a lower face value of that something per card use).

The game would be played something like this:
The board is assembled (using the Scoundrels style board - see my other post), resources placed randomly (and upside down). Players would start at a "base" and move out to capture the resource centers. Moving would consist of either rolled Movement Points (ala Scoundrels) or would use souls (each side would be given a base allotment to be used to move their first few turns). After capturing a resource center (or two, three, etc.) the centers would be turned face-side up to reveal their worth.

Each center would generate x resources per player-turn (in other words, every turn for every player would generate this base value) but if the center's designated number was rolled it would generate x+y (i.e. if Player A held the center and Player C rolled it's number it would then generate x+y - think Settlers of Catan).

These resources would then allow the players to (move, possibly, see above) use their card decks to attack/defend/capture other players/resource centers/bases.

The game would be played such that losing players would forefit x number of cards from their deck to the opposing side. The opposing side could then use these cards as "minions" to attack players of their own faction or the opposing faction. When attacking their own faction (in some custom scenario) the minions would be worht face value. When attacking opposing faction the "minions" would be worth some fraction of face value. A quick word about attacking one's own faction - it would be rare and custom scenario oriented. The game itself on a normal setup could be played with multiple players but there would only be two factions. Players of the same faction would play cooperatively.

The strength of the deck would be modified through play and/or collecting better cards. The decks would be limited in the number of cards included and could be tailored before each game - from the basic game set or the players own collection - depending on the scenario at hand.

The self-commentary/concerns/ideas:
Just some rough ideas here but I like my story for KvD (I know I haven't spilled the beans yet but it's unique if nothing else, I think) and kinda like the idea of a board/card hybrid.

The basic beginners set would come with the basic board tiles and some generic cars so anyone could sit down and play the game with little or no experience and with the pieces included in the basic game. However, for those who would like to "go to the next level' they could start their own decks, etc.

My biggest concern right now is the viability of the board. Is it really necessary in this current, rough, rough state. If not how do I make it necessary and more importantly fun?

The next concern is the creation of the cards themselvs - while the idea is intriuging the labor involved in creating cards is almost overwhelming. What would you all think of some kind of mechanic so that players themselves could create their own cards? Would that be fun or boring?

Speaking of fun does this game sound fun to anyone?

The basic premise here is a tabletop version of a computer real time strategy game like Command and Conquer, Warhammer 40k, WarCraft, etc. but the battles are played out using cards modified by the board itself (i.e. one tile might be strong to K and weak to D, or all attacks hindered/bossted, etc.).

Any just a few first thoughts here.

Really ought to get back and finish off the Privateers expansion to Scoundrels. Lol.

John K.
Seven Systems Legacy
big robots in space ...

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« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2007, 11:46:58 AM »

I haven't read all your posts about this game, but a general answer to your question:

"The next concern is the creation of the cards themselvs - while the idea is intriuging the labor involved in creating cards is almost overwhelming. What would you all think of some kind of mechanic so that players themselves could create their own cards? Would that be fun or boring?"

If the labor involved, as you say, is overwhelming, it probably won't be fun for most players. You would be targeting a very small market - many of whom would probably be board game designers.

Ron Edwards
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« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2007, 04:20:12 PM »

Correct me if I'm wrong ... my impression is that he's concerned about production of the cards, from a publishing standpoint. If I'm right, then ...

1. Your concern about the physical production of the cards should be secondary to your procedural design of the game. You can even use 3 x 5 cards for now, as you get the game's functions into order. Later, you can make a PDF of the cards with their rules that people can print and cut out for use. Then, and only then, you will discover whether producing higher-end cards and aggressively marketing the game is a good idea.

2. If and when you do get to that point, then please post in the Publishing forum, where a lot of people with a lot of experience in designing, printing, and selling card-based games will be glad to help you.

Best, Ron
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