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[jeep form]Doubt PDX

Started by Emily Care, November 05, 2007, 10:30:12 PM

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Jake Richmond

Hmm, I think we were at it for over 5 hours, but we took lots of breaks and spent a lot of time talking about the game between scenes. Emily said that she expected it to be shorter, but the length seemed very right to me.

Emily Care

Yes, we started at 2 doing pre-prep and chatting, then began play at 3 and ended at 7.  It felt a bit rushed at the end, since we'd started a bit late, and I'd expected us to be done earlier so people had plans for the rest of the evening to follow up on.  The play seemed just right though--we cut a scene or two at the end in the real world since what had happened resolved things.  If I had it to do again, I'd start us earlier in the day and allow for more time between when we end and when we go on to do the next thing. I think we spent at least an hour chatting after the game doing a debriefing. That felt very important.

Charles: by telegraphing, I mean introducing something in character, through dialog or description, which is then incorporated into the play by others without out of character discussion. It happens all the time of course, but I think telegraphing is used to describe things that have larger impact, like introducing a plot element or aspect of character that others can bring into play.

An example I can think of from the game was from the first scene between Tom and Julia. Your character talked about how much of herself Julia had put into the character of Nicole, and in the party scene both Jake and Mike echoed that, creating an interesting theme for Becca to deal with as Julia. How much of Nicole was her? Mike played with that during the scene between Tom and Jennie backstage at the theatre, by having Link come in and give Tom lots of directions from Julia.  I expect they were mostly natural, things you might not have even thought about picking up on at the time, but made a big difference. 


Koti ei ole koti ilman saunaa.

Black & Green Games

Claudia Cangini

Hi Emily, I wish to thank you for your Doubt actual play.

I share your love for this game! I tried it first this spring (I was one of those who played with Moreno) and then game mastered it twice in 2 different Cons in Italy.
Each time the game came out completely different but engaging and cool nonetheless.
I plan to direct it again cause it's so fun to see a new story develop each time!

Also I found that after directing it you can really get the awewomeness of the writing: how the juxtaposition and content of the real life and play scenes is really a bunch of well thought Bangs and everything in the writing is designed to provoke a reaction in the players.

When the jeep people came to Italy and explained their philosophy I found they have much in common with many indie games even if they arrived at the same conclusions from a totally different path.
There are also many differences and I look with great expectations at you spreading the knowledge of their work (and Tobias in the USA, too!) cause to me it seems there is the chance for a wonderful cross-pollination here!

So, keep it up, please!
Claudia Cangini
(artist for hire)

Moreno R.

Hi Emily! 

Just my luck: I waited months for someone other to begin a thread about jeepform at the forge, and it happen when I had computer problems and could not read The Forge for some weeks...

I hope you are still checking this thread because I would like to adress some points I touched briefly some time ago in a comment in your blog: the way this game push people to "immerse" (whatever we mean by that word) more, but less "in character" (the way this game pull out layer after layer of "character" to get to the player, I mean), and that (1) the effect the acting out of the pre-written part and (2) the way they have to be implicitily interpreted by the player even in their meaning has on this.

And I would like your opinion about a point I tried to make in my actual play thread: that "Doubt" is a fully Narrativist Game, by the Big Model definition.

(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)