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Release: Schreiber System beta 1

Started by Akira, February 10, 2008, 07:38:51 PM

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I'm kinda new to The Forge and I hope I got this in the right Forum.

I have spend some time write my own rpg rule system. Today I got to a point where I thought it is ready for a public beta test:
Schreiber System download

Now I'm looking for:
- general feedback

- people volunteering to use/beta-test my rules

- an editor (please be kind with feedback on this issue)

So what's it about?
It was my goal to write an universal system that works well all major genres. It's only rules, no setting (though rules how to handle specific settings). There should be a certain balance between simulation of detail on the one hand and freedom + simpleness on the other hand that I'm comfortable with (and hopefully you too). It provides freedom and extensibility in certain areas where it is often needed to add own stuff (magical abilities).

So far, for now. Please ask if you have any further questions.